A Great Month. Boy am I sore!

This has been a month of a lot of stuff………biking, spin classes, some strength training, running, walking and swimming….it all adds up, and all good……

This was the morning of a spin..wow, an early beginning…..it was for a fund raising for an Edmonton Children’s Hospital called the Stollery….it was at my gym, the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club, some of my mates started off a lot earlier then I did, some for 24 hours, me I just thought it’d be a good to wake up at 4AM on a Saturday morning, and rode for a couple of hours…..it was kind of fun, okay it was…..some of the riders had been enhancing the experience with a few spirits, and they were in good spirit…

I think I’m in there at the back……it was fun…..and a, well maybe a good way to wake up…..

I’ve gotta admit the legs have been a bit heavy lately, I seem to have an issue with recovery….and I’m guessing it’s partly age, party, well, I just like doing a lot of stuff……so have come to a bit of a decision…I’m cutting my run training to 3 days a week, making those 3 days count…and then adding cross training, time on the bike, in the pool, in the gym, and spin classes……..am thinking cutting back on the high impact will do the body good, and I’ll still get my endurance from the rest of the training, so all good…..

My run club runs have been great….I’ve a lot of stronger runners to keep up to, so the intensity is there, and my speed is good……and that’s going pretty well…..we sometimes have bigger groups, sometimes smaller…but it keeps me busy

Another virtual clinic is up and running, and along with the few shifts I pull at my Running Room, life is busy/

Next up, the Canada Day 10K is coming up in a week…….looking forward to that, another early day…the start is at 7AM…it’ll be like a nice test, and it’ll be nice to do something with lots of other people, a run I’ve done many, many times before…so all good…..

25 days, 6 random rest days……it’s yep, like lots of play time and play dates…


Why? The luckiest old dude on the planet

Took a rest day, and well….rested a bit, thought a bit, thought ahead…and well caught up on the laundry.

Why does my laundry pile up so quickly…I have lots of stuff, shorts, shorts, tanks, socks, but the basket fills up like magic….and yes, I do my own, because….cold water, hang dry….and got tired of my socks ending up everywhere else but in my room………..!

Last week was amazing, I’ve almost got this week almost figured out……catching up on season 4 of Stranger Things….okay, re-watching season 4 of stranger things, because, why not?…..Running Up That Hill, who knew Kate Bush would become a thing for another generation!

I keep playing around with a schedule, trying to figure out what works better….and how do I restrict and stick to 3 runs a week?……and then try to fit life in around that?

Yesterday was a blast…….a 10K for the ages, a new route…close to the city, but, like Three Dog Night sang, out in the country!

Gotta do more of that…..

Also spent the day(s) trying to find guest speakers for this 10K clinic I’m instructing…..someone to talk about injury prevention (got it, my fave physio) coach (to talk biomechanics and free speed!)……nutrition ( a great work in progress) and someone I’ve been looking for a long time, someone to talk women’s running, everything female….yes, the usual, but let’s talk cycles, yes, menstruation……….I may have someone, fingers crossed because this would be so cool……….something I think we should cover in every runners clinic and for personal trainers..how can you coach if you don’t know….women are not smaller men, and not the same in so many different ways, so training, nutrition, hydration, when and how is so important….

Tomorrow, back to selling shoes, run club number 1…….Wednesday stair repeats, and run club the sequel, Thursday bike and swim, and then Friday, a 10K race….yeah!

The run clubs have been going okay….some days I get this

and others, it’s just me and the other guy………but, a work in progress…..

The good news….every day is something special…and yep, lovin’ every minute of it!

A Runner of an advanced age. that means?

Today’s run was awesome…not too quick, but a group that began as 5, and finished off as a group of 6!

When I woke up, I was thinking of just going to bed and saying screw it…but it’s amazing how a negative can become a positive….

Our SVAC club has a policy where people have to book ahead of time, so we know that people are actually going to join in the fun, and any time less than 3 book, the club cancels….I always show up, no matter what….and most know that…but for some reason those that do show up don’t like booking anything, so every Sunday morning I wake up to that this morning’s run has been cancelled email…which after 6 months of this is kind of a gut punch…..

but this morning, was so worth it…

Getting and being older.

Yeah, this thing is 63.5………that’s having an effect, I’m noticing, and know I have to make adjustments.

For some reason this week, the training, the hours on my feet, has made me think, maybe I don’t need to, and probably shouldn’t run every day…I need to pay attention to those rest and recovery days……and yes, active rest, but I’m just not recovering.

As great as this morning’s 10K (it’s needed to be 14K)….my legs felt dead tired at the end, and now, almost 3 hours afterwards, that ache, the feeling of that lactic acid is a bit uncomfortable…..

Like I posted in my last post, this past week was one for the ages, it was almost like moving back to the days of triathlon training in my 50s….lots of amazing days…so much done and so much to do…..but the body is saying, buddy take it easy.

Yes, I am digging through Jeff Galloway’s book, Running until you’re 100…and have to say, I don’t really like it…the subtitle is for runners in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, and too much of it makes us/me seem like a frail senior that should be worried about not pushing myself or possibly hurting myself if I do too much, but, well some of it makes sense…..more rest days, all that hard high impact pounding does take it’s toll…so maybe he has a point…

So, today’s the day I go over my plan for the week to come, putting in those things – family, work, etc. – that take up my days, and then putting down what I want to do, and need to do…..and then the fun stuff…weights, spinning, biking, swimming, running……and napping?

I’m thinking of, contemplating going back to training like a triathlete…..3 runs, 3 swims, 3 rides a week (if only there were 9 days in a week)…..I still need some strength training, I’m not sure how to fit in spin classes into the mix, but I need to keep doing that…I am training/studying to hopefully become a personal trainer, maybe lead spin classes, coach older runners/athletes…..so spin and listening and learning is important….

This getting older, I know I’m not the only one…and yes, I know there are others, older in their 80s, in their late 70s, that could kick my ass, it just doesn’t seem to be a lot of information about me?…..

so am working on that…..now for that all important nap…


I’ve Been Busy!!!!

Yeah…this has been a pretty great week, it’s only Thursday, but just keeps getting better and better

so far this week…..bike, swim, bike, sell shoes, bike, run club run, another run club, spin and strength, swim, and teach a 10K clinic…….it don’t get better than this.

Yeah, I could use a shave…..but again, I’ve been busy, and seriously, how many showers can one man take!

the two run clubs were a blast….not a lot of people showed up, but enough….I like this leading thing…and who knows, I’ve started down this road to becoming a certified personal trainer, actually my course belongs July 1st….I guess I’ll just get it done and see….what’s next?

This morning’s spin and strength was a blast…60 minutes of a lot of intervals, with weights at a couple of points during…..now I know why there called skull crushers.

It just hit me today, I have a 10K race in just a week…..yeah me!…Canada Day….kind of looking forward to it

So far 2022 has been fantastic…….love the way this story’s going


a great day in the mornin’!

a petty cool day……kind of a my kind of day….need more of them.

started off on the bike

I love this type of a day……bike, shower and then swim!…….if I could have thrown a run into the mix I would have……I’m retired, how do I not have the time?

It was a good 30K run, so short, a few hills, and fun……did a climb at a place called Keller road….one person younger than me go ahead for a bit…I made a pit stop

to give me a gap, I didn’t feel like racing………but, well, I caught up on the hill…and then yeah, passed the kid ahead anyhow…..and that felt so good!

When I was done, I had planned to go for a swim, I went into the Kinsmen Sport Centre, thought maybe I’d just take a shower, change and go home…but, well, why not dive in a see how a swim would feel

IT FELT GREAT!…..it was only 1,000 meters, easy, all free style, and felt so good, and so did the few minute in the hot pool afterwards.

yeah, I’m a little sore, but this is what retired life is supposed to feel like!


It’s Just Another Day

Okay so not the prettiest picture ever….actually pretty bad….well, it depends how you look at things.

Went for that Sunday morning run, that Run Club thing.

I had thought of sleeping in, taking it easy, maybe taking a sick day….but, well…..it’s my run club, so I kind of have to be there.

Only three others showed up, all three quicker, stronger than me…..so for at least some of the run, this is what I got to look at

I did have to stop to take this picture, and I did eventually catch up…..but, OMG a lot of hard breathing, and my heart rate was, well, not, quite setting off the alarm, but close to it.

It was fun, it felt good….even though it was a Sunday run, long slow and easy, NOT, but after all was said and done, it felt good….and humid!

I’ve got another busy week ahead, but, this should be good.

not a good day. when you run out

Not a good day to train, or for much of anything…..my prescription ran out, and now I know what happens when it does….this.

It’s actually a rough week, it was supposed to be a great week, I had a lot of plans, lots of training planned, but, well, two days of doing nothin’, but this, and planning ahead.

I don’t know why it’s uncomfortable for me to admit this, but, well I have an enlarged prostate. Apparently not a big deal, or unusual for someone of my age, but it is annoying for one thing…let’s just say I have to be close to a rest room or lots of trees whenever I run or bike, or, well, today….it really hit me, not sure why?……It doesn’t seem to matter what or if I take in hydration…I’ve drastically cut back on any coffee or tea, or anything that may be a diuretic, that hasn’t helped yet…but yeah, Starbucks may go broke because of me…gotta manage or eliminate that addiction.

So, planning the next week…I’ve a 12K run planned for tomorrow, and a 1000 meter swim; because, well it’s father’s day, and I’m a father.

Not sure if a refill is going to help, but I’ve gotta do something……today’s been excruciating…..

I don’t know if a total lifestyle change is needed, but will give it a shot.

I really need a busy week, with lots of biking, running, swimming, spin classes, I want to do a lot of them, but live and sweat..a lot……coffee, tea are out of my diet…and time to do a lot of research…is there something else I could do….my MD hasn’t said anything about surgery, or anything else….so I just have to deal…..and, can I ignore this stuff?

Looking forward to tomorrow, and well……feeling less than depressed, but hopeful


I waste too much time

Missed opportunities, missed chances to be me, to train, to be active……I just give in to not do anything, or be anywhere way too easily.

Today, a case in point….I did have plans to run stair repeats and then to hit the pool….but woke up pissed off that my autistic adult daughter decided to pick today to have a screaming hissy fit at 5AM…..decided to just mope, catch up on this lap top, send and answer emails, and well, do nothin’ positive.

That was most of my yesterday as well….it sometimes become a disappointing cycle.

I don’t know how, but I have to find a way to just let loose, to just go with the flow, and relax…chill, chillax? ……

I’ve an active weekend planned, with a lot of spare time, but, well, how does this change?

Two days ago, great, positive, run, sell shoes, strength train, enjoying life, and now for two days, life’s just derailed.

Yes, two autistic adult children often means life has to be improvised, needs to be, but all too often, at least lately my daughter has taken to become frustratingly inactive, and it’s a struggle to even get her out of her bedroom most days, so even taking her out for a walk is a challenge, or some points just impossible……..I’m usually pretty patient, but some days, well, the best option, the easiest is to kick back, watch YouTube videos or listen to music, and to plan for tomorrow….

So, maybe tomorrow…..

A down day so why not work on the blog?

A depressing morning…am not up to doing anything…..had plans, but woke up with a headache, and just not feeling up to doing whatever…..maybe over-trained, or just tired???…or?

I hit the weights harder than normal yesterday, and during I felt a little bit of a twinge and a headache/sore head during doing so

Is this maybe the concussion reminding me that it’s still there; maybe it’s allergies, the change in the weather…barometric pressure, whatever, just taking a day off…for a while…just a chill day.

Had a great fun run yesterday evening.

I’m loving the group runs.

I’m looking after two separate groups, one of them on Wednesdays, the other is Tuesdays and Sundays…it’s a bit of work; I hate running the same route all the time, I spend a lot of time mapping out routes…and I have to run them before I take groups out on them, just to make sure we can do them……

Also convincing some to join us…there’s always those that want to join or may be interested, but, well, are not sure, don’t think they’re not quick enough, and no matter how offen I say we’ll run their pace, that there’ll always be someone to run with them (possibly me) .. it’s a challenge to get them to join in….so add that to my day, trying to convince people to take part……

switching gears…..blogging?

I’m still working on this, almost a year in

I know way too often (like today) this seems like my personal journal on-line……

I spend way too much time trying to convince myself, analyzing myself, and well, maybe going some where, sometimes, others maybe not…..yes, it’s all about me.

I keep trying different strategies like, the 75 Day Hard, then challenging a friend to running once a day every day…..then picking a goal, and sort of aiming towards it…..and I have to say, except for days like today, things are going well….at the end of yesterday I felt very positive, this morning, a little less positive.

But why blog? and what’s this blog? about.

I use it to sometimes rant, sometimes to think out loud, look back at good memories, and bad……and seeing if I have common struggles with others, and perhaps maybe sharing will help others..and others will have suggestions.

What I learned yesterday evening

I can usually run no matter what…

the weather began awful, I felt not the best, and was testing some new shoes…Altras, the Paradigm.

I’ve run Altras before, I did because, well, I sell them, and I wanted to experience the feel of that design – the toe box is shape, and that zero drop off-set –

I wear a lot of shoes, and am not adverse to trying anything, but these are taking a while to get used to……

The first test on Tuesday evening, I didn’t notice them much, I felt the less cushioning, they don’t have the bounce my Asics Nimbus or my Brooks Adrenaline have….they are light, and felt good for speed…

then yesterday evening, at least at the start of the run, I wasn’t sold on them…I felt a little thudding….but the longer the run went, the better I felt, and the less I noticed the shoes…a good thing…..I’ve a longer run planned this week, so will see how that feels….

Again the group…

I can, and do run a lot on my own….but the group really helps carry me on, the paces somedays are little quicker (depends who’s in the group) and because, well, I’m responsible for the groups, I have to show up…….so I like having that incentive…and the quick makes me stronger, the slower, recovery.

I’m actually comparing the Altras to my HOKA ARAHI, both are new to me, so will report later on…kind of two ends of a spectrum….one with a ton of cushioning and some stability, and one with not…..saying the ARAHI 6s is new to me, and they are, but I did run in the 5s..and so far they feel a little different….not sure what that is, but will give them a few more runs as well….

Tomorrow, hopefully I’ll end up feeling better….cause I’ve got stair repeats to do, and maybe a swim…..

and yep, still exploring the world of blogging?…following a out of them, so learning while surfing


A Permission to Just Run

A day of rest…..allergies hit me hard last night, all night and this morning. so a day of yard, house and stuff work.

Time to think.

What’s the one thing new runners, actually a lot of runners, really want?

When someone asks me how to run, what are they actually asking?

Have you ever heard a kid, a child ask, ‘how do I run?’ Nah, they already know how…they just run, it’s only running.

I hear a lot of questions, heck I ask the same question, always.

honestly, I think we’re all seeking the same answer…we just want permission to run..

Why on earth do we take part in so many events and races, read everything and anything, books, documentaries, and take clinics, training programs, create races, aiming at goals……..just to run?

We spend $$$$ on the latest gadgets, new shoes, so many different shoes, we buy shoes we think will make us faster, keep us from getting, omg! injured because we run…new clothes…..we puke, we find interesting places to, um, relieve ourselves…… eating what, what is right? why on earth would anyone willingly eat a gel? ……and pay $5 for that privilege. ….and then chug beer and eat burgers as if our lives depend on that next bit!?

Yeah, I know, I know, I do it to…….but permission to run…..we now have to analyze how we run…..never ever heel strike?…….we have to, no matter what, midfoot strike?….. we may actually be running wrong?

when you really dig deep into this…..bottom line, why on earth do we run? and why do we call it training? would just saying we’re just going out to play be so awful?

Yeah, I know, it’s for our health……not really though right…we get shin splints, runner’s knees, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis…….overtraining?….as a kid did you ever over play?

And then we run with others….training groups right? How about we call them play dates?

We run for mental health (why not just take a nap?) …..and is 10K enough for a health, what the heck is an ultra marathon through the mountains good for?

We all want to do Boston?

Why?…..we wanna prove how fast we are because we can’t win the Super Bowl?……..and the history, the history of someone playing?….

The funny thing, I teach others how to run…….I’m about to begin helping a group get to run 10K?……not math, not spelling, how to run 10K?…….teaching someone the right way to play?

I guess if we called it what this already is,

a book called Born to play, or the Lore of Playing would sound kind of stupid huh?……

I keep thinking, how about just have a bunch of people meet at a field with a bat a ball, just start hitting balls and have everyone chase them and call it speed intervals?