I ain’t getting any Younger?

It seems as soon as this old face hit 63, everything started to feel harder?

Maybe it’s something that has gradually been happening, this happening….and I just didn’t notice? I’m old so that happens…..My get up and go seems to have gotten up and left….at least some days?

I’m finally feeling my oats, Sunday’s run, and today was a good, and opened my eyes to what I love to do….besides sitting in front of the TV constantly, and using this couch as my happy place, yes, I could watch the Defenders or the Titans or whatever over and over again, but as soon as I get out the door and start moving……it feels so good!……just moving…

Running feels so good and so right…..and yeah, a half marathon right now seems do-able…..I’m at my beginning…..17 weeks to go, but yeah, even today, I’m sure I could have gone longer and would have felt all right baby alright……

I keep digging through this, it’s become like my bible….I know Margaret Webb was using writing the book about her most fit year ever as a woman in her 50s, and sharing all she learned from so many along the way, but, so much of what she tracks and writes I think helps all………..a lot of revelations, and using science……so will use what she learned a lot……her most fit year ever, maybe I can do this for my best year as a 63 year old…..I’ve never been 63, so who knows….we’re 11 days into 2022, and my 63 year…..so I’ve had a good start……the first goal, the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon on May 1st……..to build the confidence and the strength to be able to do that, and then work on another goal afterward, with, well, how about the Victoria Marathon in October?….

But one step at a time young Luke Skywalker?……let’s get to the end of this month, and the end of 5 months……….as what happens will happen, what will, will be?

Today’s run, 4.28K, the pace was soooo slooowwww, 7.10, I’ve gotta pick that up…..will shoot again on Thursday, and see what happens…..

A Good Run A Good Day

yet another 5K on the rocks….lotsa and lotsa ice

wow……yep, the roads just driving to my fave starting point to get to my fave go to route was scary icy to start, and then ice on all the trails….really didn’t see any bare pavement…..but a beautiful day…sunny, yep, crazy cover your face cold, but just what I needed…

and did I say it was sunny……….

love the route though…some off road, and the rest…well, it felt off road

Then I ended the day……sounds like I may have a new gig….looking after a run club at a local fitness club….so, well, a positive….

I need to add a bunch of other things to my life…..some things running and training just can’t fix…….but, today was a bright spot

for love of God, just get new shoes!

Okay, I’m going to vent…so be aware…a customer had me banging my head against a wall (virtually ) !

So yeah…customer has a sore big toe, his shoes are 2 years old, he doesn’t want to spend any money, he just wants his doctor to keep giving him cortisone shots, he walks, sometimes fast, on a treadmill, and can’t understand why a) he’s got the wrong shoes, and b) why the shoes are done? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

You know, maybe the shoes he got 2 or 3 years ago are worn out, done, don’t do what they originally did, and they were possibly the wrong shoes…..those Brooks Ghosts had great cushioning, not much for support, and the wear pattern says they’ve been used a lot, and the wear pattern is hard to see, because the shoes are worn down to that midsole!!!!

Watching the customer just standing, the problem is pretty obvious…..he’s in pain, so when he walks, he’s walking on the outside of his feet. especially the right foot, because his big toe is swollen and hurts….standing, that one foot collapses in….when I finally talk him into taking off his shoes, and get him to walk normally, yes, both feet/ankles collapse, then standing and moving, he’s on the outside of his feet, stressing his knees…..but still doesn’t understand why?……..

We check his purchasing history, and yep, every shoe he’s had, has been the same, and he only shops after 2 or 3 years……and he wonders why he hurts!!!

When I finally get him to try on shoes, we try two….Saucony Rides, and a Brooks Adrenaline to correct that over pronation (yes, pronation is normal, but when pushing off the inside of that toe, not)……he didn’t like the traditional medial posting of the Saucony, but practically bounced when he tried on the Brooks, but still didn’t understand the difference….he still felt his 3 year old shoes should still be fine….that’s when the head banging began!……

The shoes worked! They actually worked…the Ghosts, pressure on the inside of his feet, and a sore toe gone….the Adrenaline, that’s gone…walking, pushing off the front of his foot, his toes…..and still!!!…..???

It wasn’t the most expensive shoe in the store, it worked, it did what it was supposed to do, and still, not convinced why a shoe that didn’t work to start with, and why it wouldn’t last more than 2 or 3 years!…..

He bought, he left, and he took my suggestion of seeing a physio seriously – I hope – but, shoes, those protect what we do…….they have a life span (I never go over 400 kilometres) and sure, not everyone needs support, yes, sure, you could run in bare feet (maybe) but that shoe has to work…..run in them, walk in them, if they don’t work, find out why….bring them back, return them……Brooks has been amazing at this, 90 days, run in them insde or outside, threw a river, whatever…..no questions asked, exchange or return……some other brands do that, some occasionally, but most shoe stores will say 30 days indoors only……but for the love of your feet, take the time….and

well, save my head…I’m still fighting a concussion, I can’t afford to bang that head too often…

Week 3: training for that BMO Vancouver Half Marathon on May 1st. 103 days left.

Into my hardcore 3rd week of 18 heading to that Half Marathon in Vancouver on May 1st….

Here’s the training plan for this week…

Oh yes, oh yes, yeah, I’m already two days into it…I just needed to get out yesterday/Monday just, well the weather threw down a dare!……..so ran on the skating rink/trails and sidewalks, didn’t drop dead, and then I just swapped the rest day with today…

I really need to swim, adding that to my training, as a type of strength training, and at the same time a bit of active recovery. …the swim seems to help my sore head, and I like the strength that the swim adds to my upper body…….

I do want to add strength/weight training to my workout week as well, but trying to fit everything in with time management issues, well, I don’t have any spare time at all , so swimming and spinning/biking will become my strength training…heavy slow gears on the bike, and a lot of freestyle in the pool….running for a race built around running, a race, makes sense, everything helps keep that injury monster away, I need to yoga, and yes rest is important…SLEEP…cause rest and sleep are two different things.

Here’s the run-down for the next week

Monday-17thRESTBecause I needed a mental health I went out for a tuff 3+K
Tuesday-18thEasy 4KTook a rest and a recovery day, because of Monday
Wednesday-19thEasy 3KWill head to the Edmonton River Valley and will hit the pool after
Thursday-20thTEMPO 4KWill time this, will make it continuous and will have fun..and yeah, a swim
Friday-21stOFFMay go for a mental health jog after work
Saturday-22nd3K EasyMay or may just spin on the bike
Sunday-23rd7K effortlessWill head for the river valley to go long because I really need to
Tuesday-25th3K tempoGotta pick up the pace

I’m still fighting this concussioninto my third year doing that – and today, that was part of taking a rest day , I woke up with a headache (was that because of last night’s wine, or????), that was wearing me down…….so my prescription was rest, recover, being careful, so I can keep training later…..I need to be ready to travel and race..and healthy to stay healthy so I can keep training…


wow……yeah, I wasn’t gonna blog today, but, well why not?

Yeah, today was hard, but had to be done.

A rest day, a cross training day, but, well it felt like a challenge.

The weather was awful. Freezing rain, and rain, and frozen trails.

It was possibly the worst weather this year, and the worst I’ve had while training for this BMO Vancouver Half Marathon…..the nice thing is that at least this won’t be the weather in Vancouver in May.

I thought I could go a lot further…..but man, oh, man….thick ice, in some places, mush in others, how I didn’t slip and fall at all is amazing or just blind luck…trails were awful, streets through the hood were like skating rinks, the roads just as bad……I was running slower than I usually walk…

I’m to tired to worry about this week’s training plan tonight, maybe tomorrow, but today was needed, I didn’t get hurt, I’ll sleep good tonight, and tomorrow, we brgin again


Week 2 To BMO Vancouver Almost Done

I’ve yet to book a flight, but accommodations booked, so that’s a start.

This week was a good week

Monday a rest day. A planned rest day. Which I never always do, or, um, never…but, was worn down, and when that happens, and I feel like doing nothing at all…..well that’s the sign that I should do nothing at all, rest, recover…watch TV.

Tuesday, a nice day, and a good easy just over 4K. It was going to be a timed 4K, so I could figure out my pace for a tempo run (fast, steady, not race steady, but close) … but it was icy, slippery, and I decided to begin up hill…so just a steady 4K-ish, that felt so good……pace ended up not being so bad….which is why I do this stuff right, to feel so good……and yep, this would be the hill…..

Wednesday A very good day. A run in the Edmonton river valley…a pretty sweet 7K, and then a 1,000 meters in the Kinsmen Pool…..it has been a while since I’ve done that…that at one time, used to be my morning, run, the weight room, and then a swim…..I’ve got, and the goal is, to get back to that, soon…more time doing than thinking about doing……but that swim felt so good, and the river valley felt like old times…….

Thursday Another really good day. Wasn’t up to anything…..wasn’t sure what I wanted..the plan called for a whole 3K, something hard to get excited about…so wandered down to our Running Room Store, dropped off the car keys, and went…5K later, done…a nice route, the trails were good, I felt fast at times..and strong….feels so good……..so a good way to move through the week.

okay maybe it was icy, real icy, lots of ice….ice everywhere, after a morning of freezing rain…..it’s Friday that was good……pretty much the same deal, without the ice….I just made up a route as I went along, Friday is supposed to be a rest, recovery, but, I knew Saturday would be tuff, to find time to train, so Saturday became a rest, and a recover whle selling shoes day, and instructing my virtual learn to run clinic..which was a blast as always..

Today was good…..I had a great sleep, as good as you can after that COVID booster shot, maybe that helped me sleep……..the clinic is a blast. today was good…71 are signed up, 38 showed up for the Zoom meet, we talked, how to run …..….form, mid foot strike stuff….breathing, paying attention to that breathing, this group is pretty engaged, I wish it could be in-person, but it is what it is, and I get to work with people from Vancouver Island to PEI, and even one from Peru, so awesome, and clinics always boost my mood

We talked about my form..and what was wrong with it…my arms, my overstride, my heel strike due to that overstride, and where I was….about 5K from the finish line at the Royal Victoria Marathon, I think 2006….so, starting to lose my focus, form falling apart a little…..

That was good……..race day is getting closer, I better book that flight (I’m not sure how badly I wanna get on a plane sitting next to other people)……….but this is starting to get, the runs have been feeling better and better, and right….the concussion has been rearing it’s ugly every morning, but less and less, so mabe by te time May 1st comes around…maybe I’ll be okay..

Sunday, tomorrow, is traditionally long run day, my gentle schedule calls for 7K, I wanna do at least 10K, somewhere….so lets see where this goes.

107 days to the BMO Half Marathon

I feel good….really sort fo sore, but good.

Okay, maybe not only because of training…got the booster shot, Moderna, and shoulder feels a littel sore, but all the warnings have been nonsense…got the shot, two hours later ran…and no, none, no after effects…..and nope I haven’t grown another arm, and COVID won’t derail training…

I seem to be doing a lot……every run feels good, positive…I start ut short and end up going a little longer, and enjoying the run, than feeling like work…..I’ve finally got in touch with being old, so recovery is a huge concern, and knowing that those 5 minute kilometres are just not going to happen…..well, I’m fine with that.

I’ve got to a point where I’m now doing more than watching, I’m feeling at home at my Running Room, the staff around me make things good, and customers and the few Run Club people that stop by, make this all work, the comfort level is huge…..

That’s a huge key, the runs, the life is comfortable…and yeah, I’ve gotta get rid of the grey beard……but now, a week, the mileage is where it’s supposed to be, the end of every run feels better than the start, but as soon as I start, and soon as I put one foot in front of the other, the run just feels natural, the way I’ve always loved this…no real plan, make the route up as I go along, and enjoy the view and the scenery….

I recently conversed with some that have no interest in running out side – treadmill, Peloton only – and seriously, there’s no comparison. fresh air, and just being outside – it’s the only reason I run, and bike……I’ve been on a treadmill maybe 5 times, I’ve run on an inside track even less….yes, the bike trainer a lot, which isn’t fun….but, as soon as I’m out that door, nirvana….

It’s the weekend…….tomorrow is supposed to be a rest/recovery day…maybe….I’ve gotta pull a shift at our Running Room, then maybe a short run, just to say I did………Sunday, 10K..the schedule only calls for 7, but I need something better…it may end up being 7, I’m just going to plot a destination, how I get there, and how I get back, that’ll be the distance……..honey I’m home..

A good tired

Wow, I look pretty serious, for such a slow run…..but, despite what it looks like, it was a good day….the kind of day I love

An morning run though my favorite part of the Edmonton River Valley, and then a swim at the Kinsmen pool, a soak in the hot pool….all good….

At one point during the run I decided that it was just going to be like a tourist run, an enjoyable run, a little exploring, and just running….

I don’t know why I’ve stayed away so long – I do know, the roads have been awful, lots of freezing rain…but today felt so good….it’s time to make that drive and that location a huge part of my life again….

And then, I wasn’t sure about the swim…..but, well, I’m there, I’ve got my swim gear….and yep, as soon as the top of my head hit the water, I felt as though I was home…..it’s been probaby 6 months since my last dip in the pool, but rockin’ back and forth, those 25 metres feel soooo goooood…….hard I haven’t swum a lot forever….but, well, I’ve always swum…it’s never been much of an effort, and like running or riding, as soon as I start, it all just feels so comfortable…..like what I’m supposed to do…

I know today was supposed to be a steady possibly easy run…it’s all about endurance….

but it just felt right

I feel now, I’m in the right place, my head is in the right place, for the first time in a while, I know I can get this done. I know at my age, I have to recover, and not get too hooked into just doing and doing…..

I’ve gotta pay attention to that rest and recovery..and yeah, the swim helps with that…and with the two sessions today, I’m back on track for that 100 workouts in 100 days…….


17 Weeks to go…..

MONDAYI took a rest dayI was beat, I needed rest, sleep, something
TUESDAYAn easy zone 1 runI really wanted to go fast today..an actual tempo run, but, well, snow, ice, and I decided to start going up hill, s at least the heart rate good a workout
WEDNESDAYSupposed to be another easy zone 1Am planning an easy 7K, and then a swim..I need a 1000 meter swim, something, I’ve gotta get my concussed head into some cool water.
THURSDAYIntense Zone 3I’ve got a doctors appointment, so not sure at what time of day this will end up being, but yeah, 4K, quick leg turn-over would be nice
FRIDAYOFFI may go for a jog, but yeah, feet up and chilling, because that’s what the schedule says…
SATURDAYEasy 3K SteadyI wanna spin on the bike, but something to work on that endurance
SUNDAY7K long and effortlessAn east 7K, I’ve got the day off work, so I can at least sleep in and then run!

Okay, so I’m a day late posting this…but officially week 2 has begun…

the official start to this aim to Vancouver began just over a week ago, and I’m feeling?….Okay….not ecstatic, but good.

I feel, yeah, okay, this can be done…I haven’t booked a flight yet, just accomidations, cause no matter what, there will be a trip to Vancouver…….so, just train.

Unlike past years, I just wanna run, the cross training, I’ll do some, just for fun…..swim, spin/bike/yoga/maybe weights….but the focus will totally be on running and getting to 21.1K…I think I’m there…..and it may be time to bump up the mileage a bit…I know the schedule says 10K Sunday, I’m thinking 10K, somewhere….maybe a trip to the river valley…I know an exact 10K route, so yep……

I’m going to watch my diet…..still lovin’ the coffee, but, yeah, more real food……the rest, the recovery….sleep….and working on this head…hopefully the MD can help with that

Learn to Run a Beginning…

This could distract, maybe, a small, virtual, Running Room Learn to Run Clinic….with a weekly intimate Zoom meet with almost 70, lots and lots of emails, and me working towards that BMO Vancouver Half Marathon……while doing so….clinics, instructing always seem to motivate me (I’ve gotta set a good example)….

well, maybe not too perfect of an example?

This was a good week….a handful of steady runs, a really good Sunday, a couple of rides on the bike trainer…so all good and only 17 more weeks to go…….I’m feeling a little positive….this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine?

I for some reason am also taking a couple of those virtual half clinics….not sure why? (why not?) ….I guess, the more information, the more knowledge, motivation?…..whatever it takes?…..Two Half Marathon Clinics, one is almost done, one, aimed specifically at that BMO race began last week…..I like the interaction even if it is just virtual….one Zoom a week, Facebook posts, STRAVA , it all helps…..as well digging into what my fellow bloggers are up to……..all helps. Just more thinking, listening, sharing…..the more the better…

I’m not sure how I feel about STRAVA…saving and seeing what I’ve done, it’s nice to have that, I know it’s nuts, but having that validation has a benefit….if I can’t post it, did I actually do it?…..but, there’s that competitive thing……yes, it’s good to keep up, sharing what I’ve done with others, other friends, is that a good thing?..better to see what others are doing provides that inspiration (idea on routes, distances, challenges) and motivation – if someone else can wake up at run a 4:30 in the morning and runs 15K when it’s God awful cold…if they, yep, so can I?……or are we all a little crazy?

I don’t care if others follow me at Strava Runner Profile | Warren Footz …..that competitve part always bothers me a little, or a lot……..but, well, the benefits outweighs the negatives…

I love taking on clinics, I like seeing those participants getting hooked……this particular group is great, maybe a bit of a challenge…..but I like that too…….it’s a learn to run, but for a lot, it’s a re-learn, return, getting back, getting fit, and yes some that have never run before in their lives……so 11 weeks to answer to all of that, yep, it can be done…..

Virtual is hard…I can’t actually run with those in the clinic, I can’t watch them run and make sure they do the training…and actually coach in person, that would be way better right? But it is what it is, and there is some reasons why virtual works…a lot of those 70 people don’t live in a place where in person at a Running Room would be possible……..even 1 that lives in Lima Peru!…….and I can do this and have….

The payoff is seeing those in past clinics succeed, and by succeed I mean just making running/being healthy, possibly fit a part of their lives…….I’ve been doing this since 2006 (yes I was alive way back then, and I am that old)…….I have no idea how many clinics, how many participants……lots……

Tomorrow a new week, a new 7 days………here goes nothin’ for this well seasoned old guy..