Every Run has a Starting Point

this is baby steps…I still have no idea what I want this to become…sure, a how to, or why to…….but maybe a look back at me, will help focus and look ahead.

While I’m not a reluctant runner, I’d say conflicted and not always the most confident.

Recently I was reflecting on my last visit to the Goodlife Victoria Marathon to run the Half Marathon in 2015.

Most that know me, know that it doesn’t take much to derail my plans, I’ve bailed on marathons, half marathons, triathlons, sometimes for nothing more than a bad sleep the night before, or a missed training day. Usually regretted it after, but that has always been me.

2015 was no different, I’d dropped down to the half from a planned full marathon just because training wasn’t going so well, but, I still wanted a trip to my second favorite place on the planet…..the first will always be Vancouver…….

Seriously, a Half Marathon I guess is always do-able, but I still remember the night before, wondering if it was too late to just bandit the 8K distance?….which was stupid, I had my half marathon bib and chip, so if I ran, cut my race short, and crossed the finish line, I’d have the fastest half marathon time ever……so yep, I was stuck..

The amazing thing was that I didn’t completely bail…..I showed up, walked to the start line, crossed paths with a lot of friends who were running the full, the half and the 8K, and as soon as it became social I was fine….maybe…..maybe not totally comfortable….

so a strategy….10 and 1s, set the watch, ring every 10 minutes, and take those walk breaks if i needed to, or not……and for probably the first time ever, I wore that chest strap, set the watch to ring as well whenever that heart rate went over 157 beats per minute…

and I just did it, and it was fine, slow but fine…..

did I learn anything?……

Well, I haven’t missed a race since….yes, some have had the same issue, training not the best, not feeling the best…and seriously one trip to a Vancouver Half Marathon it felt like I had just woken up half way through the race…….

guess the lesson is not to over-think things……no one cares that the speed isn’t what it should be, no one cares if you run or race either..just that face in the mirror……

It seems I keep looking back to maybe move ahead…now with everything virtual, I’ve found it less than motivating to run for a medal that arrives in the mail…….after 25 years of waking up every Sunday morning ready to run, being ready to run hills every Wedneday evening, I seem to spend a lot of time sleeping in, or having dinner with the family instead of returning to that love of riding and running…..

what I need to train myself, it’s that, it’s all in my head


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