Rebuilding a Runner

The reason I began this – well, I’m not sure I had a reason – was kind of selfish and personal….it’s really all about me – or just about getting me back to being me.

Up until about 2010, I ran, biked, swam, did yoga, weights…was active and raced…then after finishing up my second attempt to finish an Ironman Triathlon in Penticton…and I did that

and then, well…..I stepped back, shifted gears…..the original thought was to look after myself…tale care of some injuries, fix a few things, and then carry on…

it seems like since, I’ve had a hundred stops and starts; every so often things start to get better, and then fall apart…..

I’m currently in a weird position where I spend a lot of time encouraging others to get out and run, get active…I’ve instructed a ton of Running Room clinics, spoken to a few groups, encouraged other individuals……so I can get others to get off of the couch and get going….but, I just can’t get this face I see in the mirror every morning to get back to where I was….so yeah, frustraiting, to the point of almost giving up on myself..

So this Blog…..?

I had thought of calling it, re-building Warren?…that’s me..

Maybe that’s what it is….but maybe others are on the same path…

I am climbing back off of a pretty awful injury…a fractured skull is kind if scary…but that was 593 days ago…..yes, I’m still suffering, a headache every morning, worse when I’ve been a little to active the day before

Every so often there’s a glimmer of hope..this week, two short stints on the bike…..just to the office and back, in traffic and I didn’t die….but my life used to be at least 90+K rides, that seemed to go by quick, how do I get back to that?

Or will that ever happen…and then yesterday, a nice early 5K…again, my distances used to be continuous and at least 10K or more…..

so…the Blog has a focus – me…hopefully I can connect with others on this journey, or some with advice….or maybe knowing this journey may help others……will help me..

The goal, you know what?……Sinister 7, leg 2, and Death Race Leg 2 in 2022…..a year away…….but long term, I can be paitent with myself, and begin to re-build

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