Sharing the joy of running

COVID has certainly created challenges, but I’m going to say, it’s also added new opportunities, and new options.

I just finished off instructing my first ever virtual run clinic…..

I’ve been looking after clinics of every shape and size for about 15 years, but this was my first, remotely.

Of everything this active or the active part of my life has given me, instructing has been pretty special…

It seems natural, I’ve done almost everything, and like those in my clinics, I’m always learning…and I can relate….seriously, I have made every mistake a runner can make….

I can share, and I’m a lot like those in those clinics…or really, anyone that wants to listen to me….

Also, well, I’m not a rock star. At best, a mid pack person.

I’m never the last in a race, but, a lot of the times, I can maybe see the person in first place if it’s an out and back route, or with binoculars……I’ve made many mistakes, I’ve had injuries, I know what it’s like to start, to be new at this, I know how it feels to begin again..been there done that….to barf or faint during a run, or before a race…the stress of starting a race, broken limbs, had shin splints, runners knee….I’ve dealt with doctors, physios, chiropractors, coaches, quacks..and I know what works and what is nonscense.

I sometimes feel guilty looking after the clinics, for a few reasons. for one, I get to invite guest speakers to help, that cover a wide range of topics, they’re always experts in a variety of areas, and i get the benefit of listening and learning along with those in the clinics, it’s like having a personal trainer for 30 minutes for free…

I also learn a lot from those that are in those clinics, and those that help in the form of group leaders

There’s a quite a respnsibility too….it’s my job to look after a large, and sometimes not so large group of runners, looking to begin, to get quicker, or to get to that first marathon….or even triathlon.

In person clinics are great, that in person connection is huge..being able to answer concerns and questions on the fly….being able to coach in person, correct and encorage I think is important…..which is the challenge of virtual….remote?

I have taken a few virtual clinics…the first was all via email, which was awful….no matter how much was written, and the interaction, there was no connection, no face to face…….now that has changed…now it’s via zoom…we still do, well, it’s supposed to be one email a week – for me, well, I was sending out at least 3, and then swapping messages and emails all along as the clinics 11 weeks went along…so I broke the rules, but the more contact the more that seemed to work….

The virtual learn to run clinic was good, okay, and even great, but there were a few challenges that I want to figure out how to overcome…..I had 64 partcipants, I seriously only heard from maybe 35 of them….which bothers me a lot, but those 35 I interacted with made things a bit better, and between the live Zoom meets, swapping pcitures and notes in our Facebook group, I think that may have worked….the reviews I’ve seen tell me it was good, and a start….

How do I make it better, and could I do something on my own away from the Running Room?

My next shot begins on September 11th.

I want to see if I can work more things in…..I do play around with the Zoom chats with videos and getting all in the clinic to intereact and share live and on Facebook…so that will continue, but, can I use Facetime/SKYPE/or a Facebook Chat?.…..

How do I get everyone to be involved…it was heart breaking almost not connected all the time..I always feel that when someone takes a clinic from me, and wants my advice, my knowledge, and encouragement is huge as well, they’ve got me 24/7 for the extent of that clinic…seriously I never think of nothing else…even right now I feel that…the 10 weeks ended, but, I’m still swapping emails with those in that past clinic, and sharing…..but where and how are the 35 I’ve never heard from doing?…

Could I do this on my own?

I’d like to try. maybe?

I see a lot of on-line people, and a lot in person with their own groups, and I think why not?….I’ve done all of that, but not, well, not on my own?…..

Could this blog or a web page be it….I do have the spare time…..I could do both…how many at one time?

One of the reasons I keep thinking about this is, well, so many make running thing sound so complex, so hard to do, like mountain climbing….and you have to look a certain way…you have to do this or that…….seriously it all comes down to one thing, you have to do something……run?……..

I guess I’m going to dip my toe in the water….coach/instruct/encourage… least I want to…..

do I want to make $$$$ doing it….not really, it’d be nice, but, I guess, as long as it doesn’t cost me anything…… I guess I’m at the starting line?

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