A Running Adventure outside your door

seriously that’s a secret….it’s been mine anyway….walking out that door.

seriously, just going outside.

sure, some can and will run on treadmills, or on an indoor track, but whenever I feel stuck, uninspired, unmorivated, and throw on my shoes..and open that door….or I drive somewhere, step out of the car door, and start moving….

I always just remember a line from an YouTube video, Rick Gates, adventure is just outside that door, all you need is a pair of shoes and curiosity

it’s what keeps me going….I know I’ve gone from struggling to just enjoying myself when I see a path, and trail, a road, a hill that I haven’t been on, and I just follow without wondering where that leads, how far, and how long it’ll take to get back to the start.

I never want what I do to feel like work……social, or solo…..running is just to be that, running, a means……something to be enjoyed.

Whenever I tell a new to running runner that I find running fun, and I get a lot of weird looks and questions…..but that’s the key, this shouldn’t be something you have to do, it’s gotta be what you want to do……..

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