a frustraiting Run thursday Run

a typical day….I go to bed the night before ready for a busy day of biking, swimming and of course running….after a rough sleep…that concussion still keeps yelling at me….I wake up thinking about a big breakfast and then nothing….

I spent the morning grocery shopping, thinking about what to make for dinner, showering, look at my shoes, think about my shoes..and wait to see if my head will stop hurting…

I’ve stopped taking pain killers, they don’t help, and eventually on it’s own the head will get better, to something I can live with, sometimes when I run or hop on the bike and that’ll help…it’s now more I need something called Gravel for the nausea , which is newer, never really had that at first when I hit my head almost 2 years ago, but now…I never feel dizzy, so not sure what’s causing this…..maybe I should get it checked out again?…..or is this something I did to myself ?

I’m not good at making decisions…shoes for instance…I always have a huge collection, and bounce back and forth…right now I’m sold on my Ons, Hokas and anything Brooks…..I’ve been a Brooks guy forever…I like the product, everything they make just fits and always feels good…clothing, footwear..I like the company, I like their track team (the Beasts!) the product reps…so yeah, their product, I should have a Brooks tatoo somewhere on my butt

that’s kind of thing about the On Cloud Swift, and the Hoka One One Arahi, they both just feel right……….more on those in the future….but right now the Brooks Adrenaline and the Brooks Ghost…I just have always been a fan of the fit and the cushioning in the Ghost, and I like how the Adrenaline looks after pronation….my feet are weird…after a bad fall (another one) I fractured my lower left fibula, that I don’t think healed properly, and I think my right ankle took some damage as well…so one foot over pronates, the other under pronates..so I need a shoe that addresses both, and Brooks Adrenaline does that……the Brooks Adrenaline GTS (I know that that GTS stands for, I still like the Go To Shoe)….there’s a lot of technology in all run specific footwear, but after a lot of years I’ve found that fit, nothing feels uncomfortable, cushioning just right, stability that doesn’t force anything, and roomie room for my toes, Brooks always does just that….

I’ll get more into all that futher…it’s now 11:30, not feeling the greatest, but at least I got a 6 1/2K run done yesterday…..biked and swam this week…..so tuffing it out, but staying active, feeling kind fit…..but, when you’ve got running shoes…and you want to run, well, you run….and just hope, really hope that head gets better

and oh yeah, yesterday’s run…I’m kind of hopping I can get out today if I think about yesterday, but yeah, I just decided to go out……drove out to my current fave starting spot, it’s called Kingswood Park…a great spot, a building with washrooms, and trails, and as I re-discovered yesterday, lots of options, I can always find a hill, some off road track..and just go as I go….all good…..

so, fingers crossed, maybe later today……..I’ll see, if not..maybe yoga, a walk, and then, well, tomorrow..

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