Building a virtual Run Club virtually

You have to have your crew…….or a crew.

Yes, I have and do run on my own…and as I recover, I do just because..but I still remain connected to that crew.

For years now….I’ve been at this for 26 years, and my beginning was with a crew at our Running Room in Edmonton. Yes I took a Learn to Run clinic for 10 weeks, but that first run with that Run Club, that first Saturday morning was what got me going…

It was running with them, a group of about a dozen of others, all knew I was still new, and kept to my pace, pretty much carried me along, welcomed me to and brought me into the group…..that and the coffee with running friends that first morning got me hooked…every chance I could, Saturday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and every other day or evening I could……

Now I try to share that…with our/my own group…both in person, and on-line virtually…that support is huge, but I just think making running a social activity helps….even if you just cross paths with those others on the trails, roads and sidewalks, or on Facebook or through texts and emails……but in all truths, that coffee and or wings & beer meets after helps as well….just making the exercise part of what makes the act enjoyable.

This COVID world has been rough..and my life while I continue from some head trama and a heath issue connected, not being able to, or wanting to inflict myself on others has been depressing, and not fun…..but, connecting as best I can virtually or in passing, that encouragement, and watching what others are doing, has been inspiring and motivating…….just connecting.

The loneliness of the long distance running is a myth, well for me……we have a huge community, so many choices and opportunities to connect, and it seems that no matter where I turn, there’s so many of us………..that’s what has kept me moving…and what I like to share with those just taking that first step…….it’s what got me going….and put me on this trip..


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