Me……a virtual run group leader?

So today’s a down daya rest day, and day get of get my head together..

For some reason, my head is saying I really need a couple of days off…..just tired, and my morning motivation says…TOMORROW…….!!!!!

So what do you do?…

watch a lot of YouTube videos…and reflect….and look ahead

and start again tomorrow

I seem to spend a lot of time thinking about where to go next…..what do I want to do, what do I want to train for next…..and better yet, what do I do with this blog……

I also alway think about those in my current virtual learn to run group…..57 people, thinking about how to motivate them, how to keep them committed, and support those that arn’t sure they’ll ever be able to run for 10 minutes non-stop, or won’t ever get to 5K….or wondering how this ever becomes enjoyable….that’s my job, and like any good job, it’s in your head 24/7

With COVID19 everywhere, finding something to do, to train for seems pointless, finding that inspiration…….virtual anything has yet to inspire me…..

well, it did at first, about a year ago, I thought, I’d do virtually what seemed interesting in places where I’d like to go, so virtually in 2020, in person in 2021….well, obviously now I’m waiting for 2022…..

Something that has woken me up, was the number of people that just run – or bike, or swim – just to run… race or event involved, they just run for the enjoyment of running….

I really noticed that during the dark first months of the COVID lockdown…a lot of people just walking and running….the gyms and indoor tracks – Orange Theory – were all shut down…and talking to a lot of those people since…..they found getting outside on our trail system just felt better than a track or a treadmill…..and they just were doing what they did for that head……just to do something….

Hearing that, got me thinking……that’s me…I’ve always run, just because I like to run..

sure, I’ve done lots of stuff…and there is some satisfaction to finishing something, sitting back with that medal, banana and warm Gatorade….but I feel the same after a run, be it 5K or 21K ……so that’s what this blog/page/whatever will just be about that…..not a 5K, not a 10K not a marathon (I can do that, schedule that, train others for that easy) but about for those – currently me – wanting to get out and run…get active…..actually active (because I am a huge believer in doing other stuff to become a better more comfortable runner) I’d like to share that.

I can talk forever about product – I use and have used and buy a lot of stuff – I’m not beholden to anything, though I do have my favorites….but they are all tools…..some stuff helps, some may, some don’t…..

So day to day, I’ll post what about what got me out the door, the day, what why and what I used…

at some point may become a vlog or a podcast or a combination…so tomorrow morning, let’s bike to the office and then run after in the evening…

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