A run a bike, a ride, all’s right with the world

with the world…

a pause, and then continue.

inspiration, motivation, movement.

what it takes? – open a door and go.

that’s the magic…..sometimes it’s a conservation, a connection, contact, a switch turns on.

sometimes, it’s just doing…….stepping out, and running.

just that first step.

someone once told me that the hardest step is the 2nd….that’s wrong, that 2nd step is easy, it just follows that 1st step., naturally.

it’s like selling a shoe….that first step, that first point of contact, that connection..just say hello, the rest follows.

yesterday it was just going…throwing on the shoes, then pressing start.

then it’s bottling the feeling during, but better yet, after.

a good good feeling…..as that follows, always follows…..and you remember that, so that the next day, you’ll begin again.

sometimes it is gear..new gear, u use it

sometimes it’s the right shoe, but usually it’s just movement…following movement…sometimes yours, sometimes following someone elses….

usually it just takes that step, that word, that connection.

today all it tooks was, a conversation about what we do a run….

and a talk, a connection, and remembering, this is what we do

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