a day I’m just thinking….about, Running and Winter.

Yeah, looking towards the week ahead…..

It’s Sunday, I’m not feeling my best…NFL footbal is on…I may go for a short run later?….but, well. 75 days left in 2021, I’m way short of my conservative distance goal for 2021, but, well…not going to happen today….

I do feel kind of inspired..my virtual learn to run clinic is rocking away, the 57 in it have me a little pumped…such a great group, and they all seem to be doing well..I love their questions, their interest, and yeah, they do good, I feel like I’ve done something worthwhile…….

The meet included a video – me talking about winter…..here it is

I’m not sure what’s going to happen once these 10 weeks are done…..I know I want to continue, get another group and spend 10 weeks coaching/instructing .. how do I recruit, and, well…..can I do that using this blog…

might be something to explore for next year, which is 82 days away


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