a run club?

running can be about goals….a race, a fun run, a specific heart goal (CIBC Run for the Cure for instance…for a cause, for a personal reason) ……it can be to run for a specific amount of days in a row (mine right now is every day until I turn 63 on January 1st)…..or pretty much anything…like just to run because it feels so good!

I do want to head to Vancouver in 2022…..I want to run a full marathon in 2022…..because it’s been a while…maybe Vancouver or Victoria, but something like NYC would be good too…..a long term goal, with a lot of little goals in-between..

I also want to help as many as I can to reach their goals

My current Virtual Learn to Run clinic ends on November 13th and may be the last the Running Room will do until sometime in 2022…I am not sure what I’ll do after that…..probably my own of some sorts, towards a half marathon in Vancouver in May 2022……screw it, I WILL..…and using this Blog for anyone that wants to follow along, and join in the fun…in person or virtual….I may even change it to an actual clinic/on going clinic of some sort….maybe 10 weeks at a time…..I have no idea how?….can I make t-shirts, or just keep sharing….

  • okay, I’m currently in the middle of a post run Starbucks and a little Sarah McLachlan (Ice Cream….)

anyway currently my goal is a winter half marathon in February – maybe in Vancouver, maybe in Edmonton), hopefully if COVID calms down, in person…..and that’ll be the half way point (sort of) to Vancouver…..

I began this specific training a few weeks ago (have you noticed?)…….yesterday, the goal was 4K, I did 6……today’s goal is 4K, and I’m about to head out to get that done……maybe trails today before the snow arrives (TOMORROW!!!!!!!)

I’m still doing everything at 11 and 1s……I’m going to change that to by distance (run 2+K and then walk 1 minute)…the rest of 2021 will be all about building that strong base, make my Sunday runs at least 10K…..at one point in my running life I just did 30 minutes on, with a 30 second walk break for hydration….so getting back to that may be a goal…I think I was in my 40s when I did that, can I do that in my almost mid sixties?

anyway way, a Footzie’s Run Club and Clinic??…..I’ll maranaid on that for a while..I’ve a few weeks…

W..onward and upward

I need to change this to 2022 finisher

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