ME…Just About Me, an Old Runner?

I’m Warren

I’m 62….I sometimes lie about my age and tell people that I’m 63

that doesn’t happen until the year becomes 2022

I’m retired after 35 years as a railroader

I’m married with 3 kids…..two still at home, both autistic.

and well, I’m a runner……I have been a triathlete, I have been a Death Racer, I’ve been an Ironman…..

I’ve been a marathon, half marathoner and pretty much everything else


well, in 2014 I became a Running Room guy, in 2016, a Running Room store manager…now, back to just being a Running Room semi-retired, guy.

I’ve taught clinics for that Running Room since about 2006….Learn to Runners to marathoners….I have no idea how many, nor how many, but I do cross paths with a lot of them

I’ve lived in Edmonton, Jasper, Vancouver, Kamloops, and now back into St.Albert/Edmonton

I’ve raced and have run or raced in Vancouver, Victoria, New York, Pentincton, New Haven, Jasper, Banff, Stony Plain, Crowsnest Pass, Grande Cache……..

I smoked in high school

I know that I know a lot, but I’m still learning..a life long student

I’ve fractured my lower left fibula

I’ve fractured my occipital bone…I still have a concussion, two years later

next year will be our 36th anniversary

this week I’ll share

I will post my CV whatever the hell that is…and then I’ll begin

I’ll use past races, experiences to share

I’ll answer anything, I’ll speak to anything….I’ll even join you for a run

it’s been an interesting 62 years

and they said……let’s run

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