What’s Next?….Just Keep on Running

No matter what or where you are I always like thinking that now’s the time for something like a summer vacation…making use of what you’ve done….relax, chill, and spend some time just doing, well, fun stuff…running for fun, doing whatever..or just redoing some of the training, and while doing that deciding where to go next.

Sure, if you need that commitment, sign up for something: a run, an event, or a clinic……but always take a break…..you’ve been focused, you’ve trained a lot, your body needs that time to recover…massage, yoga, weights, lots of foam rolling, pilates…something different…..re-connect with family and friends and those chores you’ve put off during your drive to that event or goal day.

Also take that time to plan well, your next training schedule…so that next goal….

At one point in my life, I’d plan out the year…..with a huge planned break after that final event of the year, usually something in August or September…then yeah, I’d give myself a break, my head, and I’d get back to family stuff, being a dad, a husband and maybe, well, I;d attempt at being a handyman……and yes, plan for the next year………

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