what do i do about getting old

I’m old….not getting any younger……I decided to catch up on some reading….

I’M ALREADY IN MY 60S!!!! …so serioulsy

have I got any hope……?

With all respect to Jeff Galloway I don’t feel 62.9 years old all the time, just now…..but a lot of days I feel like I’m still 18?…other days, 72.9…..

I think this is 18 in Hawaii?

This week has been kind of a failure…

the goal was supposed to be run 7 times in 7 days….I managed to do 4 days in a row, took Friday as a rest/recovery day….Saturday I hopped onto my bike trainer, and today/Sunday , an okay 5K……stiff and sore?..felt good to move…but yeah, maybe everyday just doesn’t work?

I’m also kind of celebrating, I just finshed off instructing a 10 week virtual learn to run clnic for the Running Room

It was an amazing 10 days, a fantastic group of 57…the Zoom calls were great…..a positive……now what’s next right?

As the instructor I feel a need to set an example, but I’m leaning towards, more cross training, less pounding the pavement…running every second day may – but I love running so much! ….I just feel lost and like I’ve let myself down by taking a day off!….but, yeah, I’m almost 63 years old right?

I’ve been doing this for a long time, I should know all of this?…rest, recovery, and even more rest are just as important as the training…age has an effect…I know I’m slower – I’ll never admit that..if I see someone ahead of me on a bike, or has passed me…I’m ready to accept that challenge and will teach that youngster a lesson…….but, yep, it’s become a bit harder than I remember to get back up to 5 minute kilometers, if not impossible………the truth of this is hard to accept, but……

Yes, I’ll keep digging through Galloway’s book, and will make myself an experiment on the go…….and experiment of 1?

I wanna see if I can get back to under 2 hours for the BMO Half Marathon on May 1st…..

But I get that a HUGE hurdle is acceptance….I’m not 18 anymore…….I was so old then I’m younger then that now> – I do actually feel more fit than I was then maybe……..so rest, other things to help (stretching, strength, foam rolling, yoga) other activities – get back to being a triathlete, swim, bike as well as run – and work on it, day by day, week by week, month by month, monitor, work on a schedule, a routine, consistent,

And just remember something someone told me a few years ago…..I may not be as quick as I once was, but I’m still running, there’s something to be said for that right?

Tomorrow’s Monday….this week’s goal…..active for 7 days out of 7 (sweat once a day?)…….run every second day, pick a day for complete rest, a day for actve rest, and pick days to run and swim – walk? – ….keep active, keep working on being active, work on endurance and work on me…looking at 63 years over the horizon

and just accept that.


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