Winter is Here ‘eh? The best time ta run EVER!

Yikes huh?…..

I know we knew it was going to snow here at some point, and rain other places…but it’s arrived way sooner than I expected…

I know I’ve got this YouTube vid on the sidebar..but here it is again…..a second time?

I orignally mae it for a Virtual Run Clinic….I mention a lot of product in a short period of time, but the time seems right

I know just from the start on shoes, there are a lot of great winter specific shoes to keep you warm, dry and secure…everybrand has theirs….after I recorded this , we received a new product from Asics – the Gel Cumulus 23 AWL, which is turning out to be a fantastic option…….I’m still a Saucony Peregrine fan, but there are a lot of options…..

And you can go with a regular shoe…just make sure it has a healthy tread…..I used to prefer the New Balance 860s because of that…..but be careful…..traction aids help, and be safe not like me, 2 years sorry…

If you’re an under or over pronater like myself, don’t fret…running on snow and ice is an off road thing/feel…so neutral works……the only place that gait makes a real impact is on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt, on off road terrain, you’ll be fine….

The rest of it is up to you………always remember that you’ll warm up….quicker than you think…if you steo outside and you’re toasty warm, not a good thing…….you want a chill, and expect your hands especially to get cold and stay colder for a bit…so adjust for that….I will double up – a mitt over a glove – or I use a product called a Little Hotties

but mostly I just tuff it out, make a fist inside the gloves, knowing that at some point as the rest of me warms up, so will my hands.

I’ve run in just about everything…the cold is better then scorching heat… can layer for cold, and as you warm up, strip off layers…..keep away from anything cotton, make sure what you wear will breathe, don’t eally fret about thicker socks, your feet will warm up….if the wind blowing thru the mesh on your everyday shoes, put some duct tape over it…..or get toe warmers

and just don’t forget to have fun in the snow!

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