I think of weird things when I sleep, or am trying to sleep..and last night’s topic was garbage.

I didn’t think the topic had anything to do with running…but, well…stay wth me on this one..

The tought process began with hearing about some random Soviet satellite being destroyed and the left over shrapnel posing a danger to other things like the ISS……and one thing I thought, I didn’t hear one person mention the similarity to the plot of a certain George Clooney movie?……

Then I thought, we al know this…one of the biggest dangers to space travel now is the man made garbage that floats around this planet…..then I thought about all those with telescopes that focus on trying to spot the garbage that the various manned and unmanned explorers have left behind on the moon…and left face it, it’s useless garbage….thenI thought, there’s trash on Mars, there’s other explorers even further out, just floating about…yes, Voyager 1 is in interstellar space sending back some faint signals, but it’s still floating garbage……so I guess if there are aliens out there, if they want to find us, just follow the trash?

Then I thought, we have garbage all over this planet..some foating in the mddle of the Pacific ocean, and on the top of Mount Everest… were a planet of garbage.

As I runner/biker/xc skier I see it as well….in one of our parks here in St. Albert, just after they opened one of our parks to alcohol, even more random garbage..and yes, discarded facemasks….

And we’re, some of us, are guilty right?…That random discarded gel packaging…but, yes, as a runner on the streets and trails, I see it…let behind election signs, bottles, along the highways even more…tires, rubber from tires, huge chunks of concrete……..

Now, I ran twice this past week….traction aids!………..Tuesday I found a few random single lost bits of rubber with spikes……and yep, on Tuesday, somewhere along the way, I left behind the traction that fell off my left shoe at some point……….so I added to the mess…maybe a beaver can use it to fortify a dam….

and yesterday, well more of the same…about 5 minutes into my run, I spotted yet another lost bit of rubber on the road..and one mitt (how do you not know you lost a mitt?)….and at the end of my 7K run….yep, my right foot was bare….I felt like the Michael Jackson of traction aids, being cool wearing only one..and not noticing…

Tomorrow, I’m going to try a pair of Yak Trax to see if they stay on better…….and yes, it’s time to buy a new pair of winter specific shoes….am going for the Saucony Peregrines……I’ve actually ordered them (I need to use that staff discount!)……the nice thing about winter specific shoes with that traction and the GORTEX, well, first it’s really hard to run with just one……..and second, I don’t have to take the time to put on that traction….and I think the shoes come in a box made of recycled cardboard, so, less garbage?

so yeah..this may explain why I don’t sleep a lot…random thoughts about space travel, leads to garbage, and new shoes?????


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