sometimes you just need the same old same old

Yep, no secret, 2021 has been a personal challenge.

I’m not going to whine about that same old same old, but yes, woke up with a headache, or an aching head, every day this week – yes, I’m cutting back on coffee, may have to think about no more Starbucks, ever? – but, if I wait it out, if I relax…..eventually….I can run….maybe

Yesterday that was that day….I woke up kind of groggy – I’ve been taking Gravol a bit more often – but, got right to work….freezing rain also got in the way of an early runt….added ice melt to the drive way and the sidewalk, and shoveled what I could, did all my usual house chores, chilled, watched a ton of YouTube videos to try and inspire and motivate myself…. dug through my fave go to Blogs like the Hungry Runner Girl the Beginner’s Runner and so many others……..then oh yeah, the Beatles Get Back on Disney+..okay, well, every waking minute yesterday, it’s a Beatles week (and yes, listening in the car, and on the run) and have loved it….keep wishing we’d seen this long ago….love how they all interact …. and would it be so cool if the Stones and other bands had recorded their recording sessions, jams, and rehearsals..a new perspective.. it was so cool to hear Linda and Yoko!..and OMG, they all smoke a lot!

Yesterday’s run finally happened at lunch, the ice had almost all melted….I wore my winter shoes, the fabio Saucony Peregrine Ice +, maybe I should have worn traction, in some spots it was that icy, but a good 5K on what’s become my go-to route. If I can’t or don’t feel like doing anything, this loop is always a good option…easy to get to, an easy place to start, and not many other runners, so I can run incognito.

an easy 5K, a little hill, through the forest, along the mighty Sturgeon River………so good, it just felt nice to get outside…

I’m off to the store this morning…BLACK FRIDAY!……and then, well, yoga, foam rolling and hopefully an evening run……or maybe more TV….

the story continues…the struggle continues…36 days days left in 2001….

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