A good day in the life. SATURDAY!

A good Saturday…maybe fell a little short; I was hoping for a short run this evening, but other than that, a good, cool day…and that’s all I can seem to hope for.

Began the day joining in a half marathon clinic; a Running Room clinic that began almost 8 weeks ago, with a Zoom meet at the ungodly hour of 8AM, every Saturday…….it’s been a challenge. but I’m set to be a guest speaker next week – the topic : cross training – so it seemed like a good idea to get use to the early hours…

It was good, it’s a good and inspiring group…listening to the story of one of them, and why she’s training, running, and aiming dead set at her goal was amazing, and struck me where it counts……but yeah, the one morning I can usually sleep in, well, I guess my Saturdays will begin with a clinics, and lots and lots of coffee, straight from the Crows Nest Pass :Crowsnest Pass Coffee(home of the Sinister 7!)

The talk on speed training was good, and it as always is interesting to all the questions, and listening to reactions, the successes of all those in the group…..motivating…..

That was the start..then jumped onto the bike and trainer, sat on front of the TV, my Apple TV, and Zwift

I’m not a huge fan…it’s BORING!….it’s kind of coached, there’s the motivation of training with others….hills, a variety of speeds, but, I have to crank up the tunes just to get me through…..I picked a short route…and after just about an hour, I felt so good..and ready for breakfast….

Then it was time to chill……I love yoga.

My lifestyle doesn’t give me a lot of time to let me take an actual class, and seriously, I’m not co-ordinated at all, so seeing myself in a mirror, or letting others see me isn’t something I need, so YouTube it is, a virtual visit with Ally Maz … it’s only an easy 30 minutes..but some strength, a stretch, and relaxing….

It’s always a challenge to find the time, but, well, who doesn’t have 30 minutes?

The rest of the day was kind of write off……chores, making a dinner for the family, and planning the rest of the week, and the weekend………..and yes, the final episode of the Get Back/Beatles doc on Disney+…..

A good beginning, and now, bring on Sunday!

I know, I have to be careful.

It’s one thing to be enthusiastic, and to try to do a lot….but, I know I have to take my rest days, I know cross training, reduce the amount of time I spend pounding the pavement….I need my rest, nutrition, sleep…….but……somedays, sometimes, some weekends, a reboot, an active weekend works…..

And really, the best motvator, is just 3 words, bring on tomorrow….

who thought this was a good idea…the Canadian Death Race Leg 2, 2005?

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