training when I’m not training

yeah, so, I’m thinkng…..

there’s a lot of time before that Vancouver Half Marathon on May 1st 2022….so what do I do now to make that happen….?..kinda of a question, kind of a quest…think of it like the party before marching to Mordor..

other than that, there’s no real goal…….just to enjoy myself, and all this, just to make me and this head feel better…

I know for some, that’s a challenge; not for me, for me I run – bike and swim – for a few main reasons, but mostly just for me…..

Something that’s changed me is, oddly enough is part COVID, and part store customers….I’ve crossed paths with so many runners, that just run. No goals, no marathon in the distance, they just run….something we usually do when someone comes into our store, is ask that 20,0000,000 mile question, ‘what r you training for? I’ve actually stopped doing that, because, it’s almost become pointless…because if that customer is, they’ve already said that; about 75% of the time, they just run…I like that, I get that.

There’s a lot of science behind all of this stuff I know (YES SCIENCE!!!!)

……triggering that pituitary gland to release natural human growth hormone; getting the brain rewired by elevating and balancing levels of neutotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine…..stimulating the production of BDNF (neurotrophic factor) that gets sprinkled on our neurons like Miracle-Gro….there’s so much, but what that grade 9 science means, is that running, elevating our heartrate, okay, sweating once a day, everyday, just makes us feel so good……I don’t need a goal to get that, just, well, a will…..

Not even a will, just a good habit…if something feels great, well, history says we’ll do it over and over……you know like Tang, or smootching……, that explains running (singing oddly enough does the same sort of thing)… for now, that’s why I run now…mental stimulation of my happy place… happy meal?

I know every runner get’s this right….? why do you run?………the simple answer, why wouldn’t we?

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