4 becomes 6

that felt so good….

this has been a week of struggle…lotsa time at the office, actually perhaps more time selling in shoes than I’d like – but I guess I was needed…….so, you work some and run when you can…

I kinda wimped out on the bike trainer and Zwift…but, well, next week………I’ll get back up on the good old Felt I haven’t got my training tire or the metal skewer yet, so I’d better get on that….

But a couple of good runs, something longer planned on the ice and in the snow tomorrow morning..so all good.

Today’s 6K…not too quick, not too far, but one of my fave loops in the City of St. Albert, so all good….and hey, saw a koala bear, an owl and an actual moose (that’s what that little dot in the distance is

and yeah…it began as a maybe 4K…..figured out maybe 5 if I did one loop, but did another and turned into a enjoyable 6K……lots of walkers on the trails (no runners for some reason?) I was a little later than usual, a lunch time run……but good to see folks out and active….I was a little worried about the ice..it was slippery in places, but the Saucony Peregrine Ice + did the right trick…felt solid for the complete run…..it did help that there was some sand for traction, but yep, a 6K on a sunny winter day…..so, a good day..

It began with a talk about cross training on a zoom meet with Half Marathoners getting ready for a Half Marathon on February…..and now I’m watching downhill skiiers competing in Lake Louise, so a complete day..and am expecting to use that foam roller at some point tonight…..

so, yep, I guess Lulu has it right…..sweat once a day….and party!

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