Another Run

I look like hell, and I look old.

I did manage another 5K…which was fun, okay felt good.

Traction is tough…the wonderful city works did what they always do…yesterday, they brought out the sweepers because it snowed last night, and buffed up the ice, so that it was good and slippery.

This isn’t the time to work on that PB or PR, but just to get stronger……..and to stay consistant..

This week’s goal is 7 runs in 7 days … a challenge made by a friend to get both our asses moving…

I began a day early, today was day one….and that commitment helped and worked, hopefully tomorrow more of the same. Along with the 7 runs in 7 days, I am going to make an attempt to run 7 different routes, possibly from 7 different locations……

The weather’s turning, so the challenge may become more of a challenge..

I’m used to the cold, today was only -18C, and wasn’t that bad…not much of a wind, the wind chill, a bit of a wind, but not much of a bite….

I still feel tired, and probably will, all of the time…..the head will probably hurt every morning…..I’m expecting it to……I’m not sure when that’ll all end, if ever? By continuing to be active am I hurting, or am I promoting healing?….I think the later, hope the later…better be the later

bring on tomorrow…an early morning flu shot, because you can’t be too careful, then a short recover/massage run. I’d like to sneak a swim in there somewhere, but may save that for Tuesday..

Bring it on!

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