i seem to be blogging a bit more and more, and well, maybe because it’s an anniversary…November 25th, 2019, this we me and my head….I do look a little better, the eye sockets are no longer read, I no longer look beat up….but the concussion, the head continues……..had a great run yesterday, but woke up with an OMG head that felt like splitting.

When I feell and knocked myself, I broke/fractured something called an occipital bone…it supposed to be fixed..and x-ray over a year ago said that, but the concussion, or I guess the post concussion syndrome continues….the head feels a but better as the days progress, but the morning’s really, beat me down……and it takes a while to convince myself to get the f out the door

The other thing, which is kind of grosse….I seem to have become an expert on blowing snot rockets and spitting……I have no idea where all the phlegm and snot comes from, I don’t think it’s spinal fluid (I hope not)…but it gets so bad it does derail my runs every so often…..some days are better than other, and I am trying a wide variety of antihistamines (something called FLONASE is the latest) to help, and am avoid certain fods, and trying to avoid others to see if that’s the problem…..but, the trailed are littered with me, and anyone running behind, beside has to learn to duck, bob or weave….it’s just the way things are…it seems for the longer runs, and the more time I’m out, eventually it gets better to deal with, but the start of a lot of my runs start off like a snot rocket express…

Yep I don’t look happy do I…..some days are better than others…..this was me yesterday

today, this morning was going to be a run…..but, yep, the head said no ( the pain seems to move, this morning, right behid and above the eyes, and the neck feels a little sore)…….so, will wait, and see how the afternoon after a few hours at the office goes..

Yeah, I’ve gotta get and update that picture..kind of looks dated…..not to mention the watch….but yep, a Sunday shift, and then a run, possibly in the dark….the snow’s back, the cold, but that has never held me back, now it’s just the head…but I do want to get out and see that moose, so yeah…..

Anyway…the reason that this blogging began was to chart my recovery (it began on Blogger, and now here it continues for some reason) …and me getting back to me…

Unfortunatley it’s taking a while, and I’m not getting any younger (I turn 63 in exactly 27 days…..yep, I am that old)…..not happy about that, seriously not happy….someone once told me that her concussion to 5 years to disappear, I don’t have that kind of time!)…..and yep, it took me a while to get to an MD to find out what I actually had after the fall ( come on, it was just a fall, sure I was knocked out, but it couldn’t have been that bad right?….note to self, and anyone listening, be careful and take of yourself!)

So yep, the plan is to keep running…I’ve got a free week (and except for the stress of Christmas shopping) I plan on using it as much as the head lets me … thinking positive should help, and an MD appoinment Thursday may as well…..

So yeah, I’ve got a few friends, and fellow runners keeping me inspired, but, well, yeah……..some days you feel down, depressed, and well, getting out of bed seems a sad challenge…..and well, a man must carry on?


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