I ran and it was good

yeah, big deal it was -10C more or less……5K, felt good. It was sunny, I thought I ran strong – my speed apparently sucked – my 3 days, 3 runs…..I want to run everyday until this Sunday..just to give myself a much needed kick in the butt.

I need to do that sometimes…usually I wait, or normally would have waited until January 1st and shot for 100 workouts in 100 day….but I’ve got some time off, I feel like my body and my head needs something, anything…..

Yes, I woke up yet again with a headache, it took me a while to get used to it this morning…I took a couple Tylenol…..the route was another favorite, different than Saturday’s and different than Sunday…..tomorrow? …I want to shoot for something further….maybe a 7K would be nice..

the last time I tried to do a week of a run a day I made it to Thursday….being old, I know recovery and rest and nutrition, and hydration is important…but again, I need to light a fire under my ass…

I also wanna swim, I wanna ride, I wanna yoga…….so, I’ll attempt to do yet again..

My next MD appointment just got punted to January, if things get worse I guess I could always visit the Medicentre, or the ER, … but I’ve lived this long, I guess after Christmas will be fine…

There’s a lot of other issues, things I need to deal with….family, being a father, and an employee….I need to find ways to keep me busy, work on another income – being a Running Room very part time employee doesn’t pay much – and yeah, the next two weeks will be kind of important….it’s both the season to be jolly, to be active, and to, well, find my way….

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