I didn’t want to, but ran anyway…

I’m not sure if I look terrified, or bored…..

it was a grey day, I was a bit tired, and really, I’ve managed 3 days in a row, this was day 4 of 4, so I kinda had to, and the schedule said I needed at least 4K…….but, well.

I had thought to a short run from home, but for some reason lately home is not working…maybe bored with the same old, same old routes, but I feel a need start anywhere else, and today, went back to my current fave starting, go-to spot.

All worked out well…..did what I love to do, finding a new to me route, and it worked..

part of it was kind of familar (I ran part of it on Saturday)….and it came in at just over an easy and comfortable 4K…..so though I was terrified at the start, felt really good after, a positive way to kind of start the day…

Tomorrow has me even more nervous – the forcast is for freezing rain! – but I wanna get closer to 7 to 8K, and I was planning on a run in the Edmonton river valley….but, well, it’ll depend..if it does indeed rain, and freeze…the run won’t be the issue, the drive would be…….we’ll see. I wanna swim too so, freezing rain = buzzkill…

I have to say though, taking on this 7 runs in 7 days, or, well, I started a day early, because that’s what I do..so it’ll end up being 8 runs in 8 days, and then what?

I’m thinking, I turn 63 on January 1st, so why not 100 work outs in 100 days..and if I set this out, it may wake my head up – yes it hurts this evening; the concussion letting me know it’s still there – and yeah, 100 workouts. so doesn’t have to be something every day, just has to add up to 100….so yes, rest and recovery days, but some days 2 workouts – swimming, running, biking/spinning, xc skiing…..whatever, as long as it’s endurance based, and I can pretty much manage to swim every day if needed, so yeah, think it’ll be set up in STRAVA soon…

What’s frustraiting? I’m old, so slow, the trails and paths have ice, so that’s slow…..so, yeah, I know, I should be happy to keep running, and getting back to a 5:25 run pace, easy run pace, is not going to happen, but it’d be nice to get close to that…..6:30 would be sweet

With my cracked head, for 2021 I had one goal, just to be consistant, volunteer and give back, work the store and share….instruct clinics – the virtual clinics seem to be going well, and I’m having fun doing them, and seems like people are getting something out of those 10 weeks, so that’s good –

I guess I could share the recovery and how to keep moving into your 60s, and beyond, and still wanna feel like your 18?…….

So fingures crossed, maybe the weatherman will be wrong….but if not, I guess I may have to run the icy streets from home afterall?

this was 2000? I was almost 22 years ago, I was I was 41…dreaming

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