A good day for another run

thank goodness for traction aids….I managed a 5K, but if it hadn’t been for those pins on the bottom of my shoes, well, I wouldn’t have survived after the first step….

I was a lot slower than yesterday, and the ice seemed worse, not sure why….it was a different route from a different location, so probably why, but every sidewalk, every path, was just a sheet of ice, lots of ice…there was one point where I was going to stop and change the route, but could not turn around….

This running every day has been good, every run feels better, I am sleeping better, and feel actually so good…….I know after this week of everyday I’ll have to switch things up, add the bike trainer and swimming, I’d like to add weights, but is there enough time in the day…….and get back to making use of the all important rest and recovery days…..

It’s almost Christmas, so some days may be a challenge to keep this up, but, well, I’ll find a way to work things out – that’s why I spend most of my time writing out training schedules – and then January, and I start aiming directly at the Vancouver Half Marathon…it’ll be 18 weeks away.

I’m not sure how the speed will match up. I had planned on today being a hill repeat day, but had to improvise, cause of the ice….there was no way that’ll happen on this……and yeah, I had to cut short to get some Christmas shopping done……….hopefully everyone I know likes wine?

Tomorrow…..I’ve gotta work, so will hopefully, I can get a run done early….

Now to add a little effort in finding another source of income…….two days a week and instructing Running Room clinics won’t keep me in shoes….so, January, will make a concerted effort…until then

I guess I’ll just run

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