at almost 63, need to get motivated and get running

As tuff as it is to get motivated when it’s -400C outside, icy, and lts of snow, I just read through my current fave blog, the Hungry Running Girl ……and am thinking, a full marathon, returning to doing full marathons, why not?….

It’s been a while, and 21 years since I took on a full Ironman….so why now?…well, I need to maybe make a personal statement, a commitment, and to test myself….maybe?

yep, those are the KSwiss shoes that almost killed me…the biggest blisters ever, huge mistake

Yes it’s been 21 years since Ironman Canada (which I guess, yes, includes, and finishes off with a marathon) and since my last marathon, in 2015..I guess that’s 6 years…….so, I guess it’s time.

I haven’t kept it a secret that I’ve struggled, and falling on my head 2 years ago didn’t help…..but there have been bright moments…..seriously since 2015 I’ve run 7 half marathons…..finishing up with the last in person SeaWheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver in 2019, so I haven’t been dead….but for some reason my head hasn’t always been in the game…….

I do deal with depression, sometimes well, a lot of time with really awful reactions……running, and training with others has helped, but for some reason for the last while I’ve pushed back from training with others….and yes, I am still dealing with a head that still hurts (post concussion?)……and yeah, just struggling, emotionally, my motivation needs a huge kick….

I keep trying different things…the current challenge to run every day until 2022 has helped…I finally have gotten onto my bike to spin more often, runs, any run no matter how short has helped a bit…..but my mood needs to improve…have no idea how to do that?

So, this blog has helped, reading other blogs has as well……this weather isn’t helping that motivation….I’ve registered for a coupe of spring half marathons, and the goal will be an August or October full marathon…nothing else so I can focus…

I’m going to volunteer as much as I can at as many events as I can….I’m getting ready to instruct another virtual Zoom heavy run clinic, and want to take on as many clinics as I can (I’d like to make that my future occupation….either with the RRoom or on my own) and yep, will blog a lot…

I’m going to use the blog to focus and moivate myself and hopefully others as well…..I have run marathons before, I have taken on huge huge challenges before, I know what is needed (commitment!) so I will work on that and share as well…….

I will keep on trying to include training advice, as well share on gear, products, nutrition…..and using what I know, and yeah, I haven’t been 63 before, so I’ll share on how training as a senior goes…..the good, bad and the ugly…..

That first step I know isn’t the hardest part, it’s the second…and building my health back up will be the challenge as well

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  1. I started reading The Awakened Ape, and it’s been talking a lot about how our hunter gatherer ancestors were a lot happier, and what we can incorporate into our everyday, modern lives to try to be as happy as them. It’s been helping a bit with my anxiety, moods and motivation.

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