This Week to Vancouver

So the plan this week….and even though it’s Tuesday, well, I’ll may do this Tuesday to Tuesday….

the whole goal for the next two weeks?…Keep training, and building towards January 1st and Half Marathon specific training…so

MondayOFFThe head said take a rest day
TuesdayAn easy 4KJust getting fit building that base
Wednesday3 K Zone 1After work, looking for a trail
ThursdayA challenge, find a hill – swimTo the Kinsmen/River Valley for some fun
FridayOFFChristmas eve, and I need a day of rest
Saturday (Christmas)3K steady…before Christmas dinnerI’ll just have to get outside
Sunday7KMaybe in Edmonton, but probably in St. Albert a little longer, and little slow?
MondayCross Train after work so SpinWill get on the bike

That’s sort of going to be my weekly template…..Thursdays will become more hills and speed training….

Sundays; long and slow..and the rest of the week, may transition to more cross training (bike, swim, XC ski) to take the feet off of pavement, away from the constant high impact…..and as I can, more off road trails…….

Right now, it’s CHRISTMAS!!!! so just doing anything for a few weeks will be the goal….some focus, work on the strength and base, and get ready for January, and being 63!…..working on the base, indurance anything……with the snow and ice, looking for speed is not going to work, so consistant, and work on that plan…..I do want to start adding weights, and swimming to help build strength…’s been a while

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