It’s Starts with a will and a way and traction

It’s been a good week so far……after a good weekend, I took Monday as a total rest and recovery day….time with feet up, and planned the week.

The last two days, were just about getting outside, getting a few much needed runs in, and getting used to snow?

Yep, still adding those traction aids…….

Today – according to that schedule – I was supposed to be running hills and going for a swim…….not today

Had a huge dump of snow, on top of the freezing rain that’s still on all the roads and trails, and it’s two days until Christmas, so today, once the coffee and breakfast has been digested, I’ll head out again for another short 30 minutes…keep that fitness up, and enjoy myself.

We’re supposed to be heading into a deep freeze for the next few days – THE COLDEST CHRISTMAS IN 50 YEARS!!…..that’s not the bad thing, what really sucks is realizing that 50 years ago I was 13!!!!!.

So, yeah, get over it……so will bundle up a lot – I refuse to run indoors and I’d rather watch someone eat my hand than run on a treadmill…..I’m not going knock people that can do it, but my fave thing is running past fitness places, seeing people run on treadmills looking outside….WHY????……fresh air, even if it’s cold wins every time…

The goal, I think is to still keep running, something, everyday – as much as I can manage, this 63 year old body seems to need that 1 day off a week still – until January 1st 2022…….

I will be taking another half marathon virtual Running Room clinic, starting January 6th, just to keep me motivated and to keep my head in the game, I’m already taking one on Saturday mornings that end at the end of February, and I start instructing a virtual Learn to Run clinic on January 8th… I’m going to be busy…….

I am not really sure why I keep signing up for these virtual things, it’s not like I don’t already know what these instructors have to offer, a lot of the times I end up either being a guest speaker, or adding my own two cents over and over again and sharing a lot – like on here – but like a lot of others that sign up for everything, it’s all about that virtual commitment thing…looking for inspiration and motivation everywhere…

The plan is, besides the virtual clinics…dispite this blog thing… to start doing things with other people and to do some things that are out of my comfort zone…..

I don’t have a lot of spare time, but I may start doing the Monday morning November Project runs….that’s pretty much the only morning I can do, but trainng/running with other is something I’ve got to start doing, more of, be more public?

And Saturday morning Park Runs…again free, sponsored by Saucony..and a timed and measured 5K……I can do that, occationally….with the 2 virtual clinics, instructing, and attending, it’ll be hard to fit that in every week, but again, it’s making connections and running with people

I’m done registering for virtual runs and races, I wanna do in person…so may sign up for a few 5 and 10K runs, just to get that in person thing going as well……

My best years have begun with a January 1st 5K……so that’ll happen at Park Run……I usually, or have been doing it with friends in St. Albert, but for the past 2 years, that group has fallen apart…so at least with Park Run I have to go somewhere…

Today, the traction is on, I have a 4K run planned…I got passed like I was standing still yesterday – the joy of being old and slow – so will get that done, run, and the plan is set………..thanks for listening?

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