It’s Christmas It’s COLD and Y I Like St. Albert?

Well winter has arrived…….it’s supposed to be -30C tomorrow ( that -22F) the coldest Christmas in 50 years (note: I was 13, 50 years ago)

Even with the cold and ice (yes it’s slippert, so traction is necessary for me and my formerly fractured head) not only run fun, it feels good….running in the snow and on the ice, even though it all makes me feel slower (age does that a lot also) also somehow makes me feel stronger….

It actually at times has the same sensation as running on sand…….

This is actually my favorite time to run – as apart from spring and fall – you can’t really over heat, and it’s easy to dress for…….and I’m actually loving the traction….

Am still kind of pissed that I got passed on my past two runs (except for today…no one was stupid enough to be outside today?) like I was standing stilll…….I realize I’m old(er), hopefully once the snow and ice is gone, maybe this winter will help me become stronger and quicker, so maybe there’s hope?

I always say that Vancouver – and possibly Victoria – is my favorite place to run, but St. Albert (my home) and Edmonton’s River Valley arn’t that bad…….with this winter of slippery roads, I’ve sort of stuck close to home, and it’s been fine….

I have a few routes I always go to, and they all have spots where I can imrpovise…….lots of options for hills, a few off road spots…lots of ways to lengthen or shorten the days training…

It’s not always cold and freezing…….and well, it’s right out my back door (and front door, the end of our driveway) and it’s an easy 3K run from my place of work

and lots and lots of trails…so I can stay away from running besides or on busy busy streets

So the aim is still on for the Vancouver Half Marathon on May 1st…as place has been found, will look for a cheap flight in the new year….and may look for different accommodation just in case something else comes up…I prefer Air B&Bs to hotels or motels, a lot more freedom, and I like having the option to cook for myself….and laundry!

Tomorrow’s Christmas Day…….yes, a run is planned – it’s a tradition – the head is feeling a bit strange…think it be because of a lack of sleep rather than anything else, but will monitor that….and will keep the runs short and sweet and just build as the body (and the head) says it’s okay to do so….

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