Reflections. Getting ready for 2022

Wow… kinda getting into this blog thing..

Today, I just wanna riff, just ramble on and on about this and that…….and the other thing…..just because, well it’s my blog so I can do whatever, right?

This YouTube vid has really inspired me, and yes made me cry a bit – or a lot – Gabe Grunewald.

Someone like this being taken from us, is just awful wrong…

I try and take part in any fundraising event I can, but cancer has taken away way too many from us, and something like, someone like this, sad, and yeah, should not happen.

I finally feel okay, better than I have for a while……..a long while….

A few weeks ago, I got a good kick in the ass, and started running more…..7 runs on 7 days; that woke up something…I seem to have more of a get up and a go, feeling a little more positive, energetic even.

The concussion still rears it’s ugy side every morning…….a headache, a little nausea, sometimes Gravol, some morning’s Tylenol……..but it does go away..and I feel better when active, so I’m guessing that’s a good thing….I just keep adding on, slowly, and as it feels good, I’ll add more…staying healthy…but can I go 21K?

I’ve an MD appointment on January 13th, so will see what does…is it just a headache?

I’m going to Vancouver for May 1st no matter what; the goal is the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon.…….I’d like to be closer to 2 hours than 2.5….but just to get it done would be a success…..I’ll train, travel (am not sure how I feel about getting on a plane) and have that to look forward to…’ll be nice to get away…somewhere, and well, Vancouver!

My life at the Running Room is amazing as it always has been, ending the year way better than it began…

no matter how bad things get, that room has become my happy place. Fantastic co-workers, customers, and there’s always that one customer, every day, that makes this all fun….positive fun, or maybe just positive…….it’s my happy place……I still like starting my runs from that spot, can I figure out some way to bring back Run Club somehow…….a work in progress?

I was surprised to see ads popping up on this blog..I’m not sure how that happens, nor what they means, but cool…….as long as the ads are specific (I saw a Hoka and a Saucony on there so okay……WalMart, not!)……….I don’t want to be a salesman, if it all fits in, so, okay..and it looks okay so far.

It is cold…very stupid cold, and it’s gonna be cold for a while…..

I’ve been struggling to get my distances up; 6, 7, 8K seems okay, but anything above 10K has been a challenge..for some reason whenever I go over an hour, my head becomes, well, odd…a hurdle… will have to make that the next step, start going longer…am not sure when or how, but gotta get there…..

-30C doesn’t really bother me much, I’d prefer -25C, but it is what it is… long as it’s that cold will not head too far from home; I need to be able to get inside and warm up if it gets too bad, have that option, just being consistant, being active, is the goal……then as the march towards that half marathon in May, and a full marathon later next summer continues, the distances will have to become, yep, longer…I just need to go..get out and go.

It’s Monday, the final week of 2021…….I’m feeling positive, the head will do what the head will do…..I need to get my ass more into cross training…get on the bike, into the pool, maybe weights and yoga?……..I need to start running with other people…….the head I think has me at a point where I feel strong enough to do maybe Park Run; can I wake up early enough for a November Project attempt?….I don’t know….maybe Mondays?

Today’s a rest day….I was going to go every day until 2022, but after 9 runs in 10 days, my head yelled at me that it was time to take a rest………

feeling positive, a good tired..and yes old….not happy about getting older….and still haven’t decided what this blog is, or become….but, January 1st, another starting line?…..soon

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