A new age, and new year, new goals.

so tonight…at 0001 January 1st..this turns 63?

yep, born before the Hungry Runner Girl was born…and a lot of other people…

yes I think the roads were paved, and it was way colder….

Yep, I know, I know, I’ve said B4 there was a goal for 2022….there still is, but I’ve modified a few things…..

Do I want to do a triathlon? Yes, but that ain’t the goal…if something fits into the training sure

Running will be the focus….Vancouver Half Marathon on May 1st, Edmonton if it is in person in August, and then Victoria in October……..

A lot of things have to fall into place…this head (it’d be nice to wake up without that concussion headache) has to get better….and a few other health things…….but yeah, 18 weeks of training before each should work….

I’m just going to use biking and swimming as recovery, as a way to reduce the amount to high impact……so, some runs will become bikes…not in addition, but instead of…..

I keep trying to do that..and I know that, that does not work…….training for a triathlon isn’t the same as training for a marathon, but I do now that training for a marathon or a half marathon with some cross training works…..so my mileage, my running mileage may be less, but there’ll be biking for mileage, and swimming for recovery…and lots of yoga, just because…

man, I’ve become old…so I have to take that into account…so the reducing the amount of pounding on concrete and asphalt, hard surfaces is pretty important…..so at least one, or two days may include more endurance just not running……I may throw cross country skiing into the mix, and more, and more off road running once the snow disappears….

The focus is set, the goals are set…..tomorrow, the training, and well, life begins!

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