New Year’s Resolution. there’s no tomorrow

I’ve already sort of started this last year…if I think about doing something, just do it, if I think about saying something, just say it…I’m 63 years old, if I wait, well, I could die and things will never happen.

I’ve gotta get out of the trap of not wanting to do anything…..or better yet, know which is rest and recover, and which is just inertia……

I’m old, I need more rest, more recovery, and have to pay attention to all that an nutrition…tonight’s diet wasn;t the best….left overs, then red wine and pineapple….not bad, but also a lot of popcorn and chocolate… yeah, it’s January, so yeah, will give it a shot, and yeah…maybe less coffee, or no coffee at all?..I need my Starbucks, but is it hurting me?…Well, first step, will be to see what life is like without it?

Today was a recovery day for sure…lots of catching up around the house, wash down and oil the bike…..and eating, resting, hydrating..and watching way too much TV (right now into Hawkeye)

The other thing about an off day…….I spend a lot of it planning the days to come, organizing training in-between work days and life……lots of life….

The other issue…weather…….this week has been brutal, cold, lots of snow, driving is a bit of a challenge…so it’s been a week of runs in the severe cold and on snow covered trails – like running on either hard or soft sand – and few indoor spins on the bike trainer…the rest of the week, and beyond, the weather looks like it’ll be a bit more forgiving, and and the roads better…..

Vancouver, the half marathon is becoming real….the focus is there…and my life more consistant…….but yeah only one resolution for the year……tomorrow never actually happens, so just think and do


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