17 Weeks to go…..

MONDAYI took a rest dayI was beat, I needed rest, sleep, something
TUESDAYAn easy zone 1 runI really wanted to go fast today..an actual tempo run, but, well, snow, ice, and I decided to start going up hill, s at least the heart rate good a workout
WEDNESDAYSupposed to be another easy zone 1Am planning an easy 7K, and then a swim..I need a 1000 meter swim, something, I’ve gotta get my concussed head into some cool water.
THURSDAYIntense Zone 3I’ve got a doctors appointment, so not sure at what time of day this will end up being, but yeah, 4K, quick leg turn-over would be nice
FRIDAYOFFI may go for a jog, but yeah, feet up and chilling, because that’s what the schedule says…
SATURDAYEasy 3K SteadyI wanna spin on the bike, but something to work on that endurance
SUNDAY7K long and effortlessAn east 7K, I’ve got the day off work, so I can at least sleep in and then run!

Okay, so I’m a day late posting this…but officially week 2 has begun…

the official start to this aim to Vancouver began just over a week ago, and I’m feeling?….Okay….not ecstatic, but good.

I feel, yeah, okay, this can be done…I haven’t booked a flight yet, just accomidations, cause no matter what, there will be a trip to Vancouver…….so, just train.

Unlike past years, I just wanna run, the cross training, I’ll do some, just for fun…..swim, spin/bike/yoga/maybe weights….but the focus will totally be on running and getting to 21.1K…I think I’m there…..and it may be time to bump up the mileage a bit…I know the schedule says 10K Sunday, I’m thinking 10K, somewhere….maybe a trip to the river valley…I know an exact 10K route, so yep……

I’m going to watch my diet…..still lovin’ the coffee, but, yeah, more real food……the rest, the recovery….sleep….and working on this head…hopefully the MD can help with that

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