107 days to the BMO Half Marathon

I feel good….really sort fo sore, but good.

Okay, maybe not only because of training…got the booster shot, Moderna, and shoulder feels a littel sore, but all the warnings have been nonsense…got the shot, two hours later ran…and no, none, no after effects…..and nope I haven’t grown another arm, and COVID won’t derail training…

I seem to be doing a lot……every run feels good, positive…I start ut short and end up going a little longer, and enjoying the run, than feeling like work…..I’ve finally got in touch with being old, so recovery is a huge concern, and knowing that those 5 minute kilometres are just not going to happen…..well, I’m fine with that.

I’ve got to a point where I’m now doing more than watching, I’m feeling at home at my Running Room, the staff around me make things good, and customers and the few Run Club people that stop by, make this all work, the comfort level is huge…..

That’s a huge key, the runs, the life is comfortable…and yeah, I’ve gotta get rid of the grey beard……but now, a week, the mileage is where it’s supposed to be, the end of every run feels better than the start, but as soon as I start, and soon as I put one foot in front of the other, the run just feels natural, the way I’ve always loved this…no real plan, make the route up as I go along, and enjoy the view and the scenery….

I recently conversed with some that have no interest in running out side – treadmill, Peloton only – and seriously, there’s no comparison. fresh air, and just being outside – it’s the only reason I run, and bike……I’ve been on a treadmill maybe 5 times, I’ve run on an inside track even less….yes, the bike trainer a lot, which isn’t fun….but, as soon as I’m out that door, nirvana….

It’s the weekend…….tomorrow is supposed to be a rest/recovery day…maybe….I’ve gotta pull a shift at our Running Room, then maybe a short run, just to say I did………Sunday, 10K..the schedule only calls for 7, but I need something better…it may end up being 7, I’m just going to plot a destination, how I get there, and how I get back, that’ll be the distance……..honey I’m home..

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