Week 2 To BMO Vancouver Almost Done

I’ve yet to book a flight, but accommodations booked, so that’s a start.

This week was a good week

Monday a rest day. A planned rest day. Which I never always do, or, um, never…but, was worn down, and when that happens, and I feel like doing nothing at all…..well that’s the sign that I should do nothing at all, rest, recover…watch TV.

Tuesday, a nice day, and a good easy just over 4K. It was going to be a timed 4K, so I could figure out my pace for a tempo run (fast, steady, not race steady, but close) … but it was icy, slippery, and I decided to begin up hill…so just a steady 4K-ish, that felt so good……pace ended up not being so bad….which is why I do this stuff right, to feel so good……and yep, this would be the hill…..

Wednesday A very good day. A run in the Edmonton river valley…a pretty sweet 7K, and then a 1,000 meters in the Kinsmen Pool…..it has been a while since I’ve done that…that at one time, used to be my morning, run, the weight room, and then a swim…..I’ve got, and the goal is, to get back to that, soon…more time doing than thinking about doing……but that swim felt so good, and the river valley felt like old times…….

Thursday Another really good day. Wasn’t up to anything…..wasn’t sure what I wanted..the plan called for a whole 3K, something hard to get excited about…so wandered down to our Running Room Store, dropped off the car keys, and went…5K later, done…a nice route, the trails were good, I felt fast at times..and strong….feels so good……..so a good way to move through the week.

okay maybe it was icy, real icy, lots of ice….ice everywhere, after a morning of freezing rain…..it’s Friday that was good……pretty much the same deal, without the ice….I just made up a route as I went along, Friday is supposed to be a rest, recovery, but, I knew Saturday would be tuff, to find time to train, so Saturday became a rest, and a recover whle selling shoes day, and instructing my virtual learn to run clinic..which was a blast as always..

Today was good…..I had a great sleep, as good as you can after that COVID booster shot, maybe that helped me sleep……..the clinic is a blast. today was good…71 are signed up, 38 showed up for the Zoom meet, we talked, how to run …..….form, mid foot strike stuff….breathing, paying attention to that breathing, this group is pretty engaged, I wish it could be in-person, but it is what it is, and I get to work with people from Vancouver Island to PEI, and even one from Peru, so awesome, and clinics always boost my mood

We talked about my form..and what was wrong with it…my arms, my overstride, my heel strike due to that overstride, and where I was….about 5K from the finish line at the Royal Victoria Marathon, I think 2006….so, starting to lose my focus, form falling apart a little…..

That was good……..race day is getting closer, I better book that flight (I’m not sure how badly I wanna get on a plane sitting next to other people)……….but this is starting to get, the runs have been feeling better and better, and right….the concussion has been rearing it’s ugly every morning, but less and less, so mabe by te time May 1st comes around…maybe I’ll be okay..

Sunday, tomorrow, is traditionally long run day, my gentle schedule calls for 7K, I wanna do at least 10K, somewhere….so lets see where this goes.

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  1. I’m bad about taking rest days too. The leftover fatigue from having COVID has prompted me to take more of them though. I don’t blame you for not wanting to fly right now, so much crazy stuff just to fly.

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