wow……yeah, I wasn’t gonna blog today, but, well why not?

Yeah, today was hard, but had to be done.

A rest day, a cross training day, but, well it felt like a challenge.

The weather was awful. Freezing rain, and rain, and frozen trails.

It was possibly the worst weather this year, and the worst I’ve had while training for this BMO Vancouver Half Marathon…..the nice thing is that at least this won’t be the weather in Vancouver in May.

I thought I could go a lot further…..but man, oh, man….thick ice, in some places, mush in others, how I didn’t slip and fall at all is amazing or just blind luck…trails were awful, streets through the hood were like skating rinks, the roads just as bad……I was running slower than I usually walk…

I’m to tired to worry about this week’s training plan tonight, maybe tomorrow, but today was needed, I didn’t get hurt, I’ll sleep good tonight, and tomorrow, we brgin again


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