Week 3: training for that BMO Vancouver Half Marathon on May 1st. 103 days left.

Into my hardcore 3rd week of 18 heading to that Half Marathon in Vancouver on May 1st….

Here’s the training plan for this week…

Oh yes, oh yes, yeah, I’m already two days into it…I just needed to get out yesterday/Monday just, well the weather threw down a dare!……..so ran on the skating rink/trails and sidewalks, didn’t drop dead, and then I just swapped the rest day with today…

I really need to swim, adding that to my training, as a type of strength training, and at the same time a bit of active recovery. …the swim seems to help my sore head, and I like the strength that the swim adds to my upper body…….

I do want to add strength/weight training to my workout week as well, but trying to fit everything in with time management issues, well, I don’t have any spare time at all , so swimming and spinning/biking will become my strength training…heavy slow gears on the bike, and a lot of freestyle in the pool….running for a race built around running, a race, makes sense, everything helps keep that injury monster away, I need to yoga, and yes rest is important…SLEEP…cause rest and sleep are two different things.

Here’s the run-down for the next week

Monday-17thRESTBecause I needed a mental health I went out for a tuff 3+K
Tuesday-18thEasy 4KTook a rest and a recovery day, because of Monday
Wednesday-19thEasy 3KWill head to the Edmonton River Valley and will hit the pool after
Thursday-20thTEMPO 4KWill time this, will make it continuous and will have fun..and yeah, a swim
Friday-21stOFFMay go for a mental health jog after work
Saturday-22nd3K EasyMay or may just spin on the bike
Sunday-23rd7K effortlessWill head for the river valley to go long because I really need to
Tuesday-25th3K tempoGotta pick up the pace

I’m still fighting this concussioninto my third year doing that – and today, that was part of taking a rest day , I woke up with a headache (was that because of last night’s wine, or????), that was wearing me down…….so my prescription was rest, recover, being careful, so I can keep training later…..I need to be ready to travel and race..and healthy to stay healthy so I can keep training…

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