BMO Vancouver Half Marathon – Bailing

This isn’t good…and I don’t know why this happens? Maybe this is what bipolar feels like..I have no idea, but as of right now, that May 1st half marathon has just left my list of goals for 2022…already.

A lot has popped up on my plate or better yet has fallen off…..hours cut back at our RRoom store – it’s odd how some weeks I’m needed to cover everything, others, well, sorry Warren we don’t need you at all .

I do have an interview aiming at a possible new opportunity tomorrow morning, organizing a Run Club at a pretty established operation here, maybe that’ll kick my ass and motivative me somehow….I do feel more than a little intimidated…..I guess I’ll try and think positive and who knws?

It’s not that I’m super busy, it’s just my get up and go has left the building……

I hope that taking this weekend right off, and just relaxing and recovering and thinking will help re-boot my head…I haven’t given away my accomodation in Vancouver….I still may go and not race?……..but the term bummed out seems appropriate.

Motivation just isn’t there…stressed, depressed, frustraited with myself and my head…..guess I’ll just spend today watching skiing on TV, looking out our front window watching the world go by, and may at some point evev brush my teeth today

One thought on “BMO Vancouver Half Marathon – Bailing

  1. Nooooo! Don’t give up! May 1st is a long ways away. Have you tried mediation? It has helped a lot with my mood and my stress. I use an app, Insight Timer. My favorite ones to listen to are by Sarah Blondin and Davidji.

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