Drinking wine and maybe feeling positive

Every day changes….yesterday, a really sweet run, kinda not planned, just went out and had fun….

today was time to chillax, a visit at a local fitness club (the amazing Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club) and yeah, it’s a go, I’m going to be looking after their Run Club, at least 3 days a week…..so , so cool….and it all get’s be a free membership, so bonus!

it’s weird how this stuff happens…I never really plan, stuff just falls into my lap..this began with an email asking about a possible run club, and I get asked if I’d like to run the thing…so yeah, working at our Running Room.

Instructing clinics and now virtual on-line clinics……and now a Run Club…..kind of cool.

Yesterday’s run kind of cooled me down…a short one, became a little longer…..time to think, or maybe not….the route created itself, and yeah, the head said, maybe Vancouver will happen……I guess let’s just see what this week brings…

MondayCross trainingWas a good day, shoveling snow and then 45 minutes on the bike trainer to get the heart rate pumping
Tuesday3K easyI’d like to make this an easy 5K, or may run twice, early, later, just to get some miles under my feet
Wednesday3K Steady +Swim/ WeightsThe plan is to head to the river valley, run something, swim, and may hit the weight room
Thursday4K TempoDoctor’s visit in the morning, a visit to the bank, and then 4K faster, with a 1K warm up and cool down
FridayOFF Swim and WeightsRest Recover Eat!!!!
Saturday4K SteadyThe virtual clinic day..we’re talking motivation, so time to motivate myself…
Sunday10K Long and EffortlessTime to move up and make that effort…so, river valley, 10K, and then a swim

I still haven’t booked the flight…I don’t know what that says…..but, yeah, I’m goin’, I’m training…and right now am seriously tired…….

The journey continues

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