Running and trying to figure out finances

I’m not that great at money management….I’m really good at spending, and as a senior, not a great thing.

I’ve been – kind of – retired for 8 years……maybe more semi-retired.

I did step away from 35 years as a railroader, and immediately went to selling shoes, instructing run clinics leading run groups and just training…..not as much as I’d planned, work kind of got in the way, maybe laziness…just maybe.

It was a nice change, financially we were not that bad off, but, well, you always worry…..and was time for that move, I needed a change, we needed a change…..

Todays run was about that… easy run, got lost, wandered around for 6K, and thought about, well, the future, and how can I make our money work more for us?…….

Money has always been a mystery to me, running hasn’t……’s just there?

Vancouver has always been on my mind a lot, that BMO in Vancouver……….

May 1st?

Do want to get on an airplane?…..with a bunch of people?………close together, and deal wih the hassle of travel?

I’m not so sure.

I’m going to spend the rest of this week, thinking?……..the training is on track, I’ve no fear of running 21K or 13 miles at my favorite place on the planet……….but a decision has to be made…..soon

Today’s run was good….I’ve an active 4 days planned…so, if I feel okay, and still have money in the bank, and can figure out the hell to do with stocks?…..well, maybe I’ll go……I know where I’m staying, I know a lot of friends/people that are going also, and some that are already there… maybe it’ll be fine….


One thought on “Running and trying to figure out finances

  1. If you figure out stocks, let me know, lol. I invested in some about four years ago, and I don’t know what I’m doing. One of these days I’ll cash out so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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