Looking towards next week….91 days for a 63

yep, I’m still 63, and I feel it today, right now.

The end of a sketchy week; I got a good three solid runs done, a few spins on the bike trainer..so the time was fine, but I need more of an effort.

I’m planning an active week. I have some free time so should be do-able. A few appointments; sometimes where I have to be home, but do-able. I have to start adding more distance, more time moving, and pay attention to cross training, so less pounding the pavement to recover.

MONDAY           31STeffortless 10K & swim and some yoga 
TUESDAY            1ST4K easy yoga 
WEDNESDAY     2NDWalk. Bike trainer 1 hour easy 4K run 
THURSDAY         3RDRun 5K tempo swim 1200 meters some yoga 
FRIDAY                4THSwim & Weights MD appt. chill 
SATURDAY         5TH1 hour spin, Yoga, Foam Roll, 3K steady 
SUNDAY             6THOFF 
MONDAY           7TH10+K long slow effortless 

My pace has been good

My recovery? I’m not sure. Right now I’ve my feet up, and they seem to be going numb for some reason?……Hydrating, and getting a full night sleep, so bring on tomorrow…

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