90 days….and you lock your keys in your car?

So, you start your day…you drive to your favorite spot to start a run

You map out a route….you gather together your gear cause it’s cold!

You step out of your car ready to go, you close the car door, you’ve locked the door.

With your keys, wallet, key fob, phone inside the car!


So what’s a runner to do?……

Luckily home wasn’t that far away….you think you have a spare set of keys, or a second fob, so, run home!

Oddly enough it wasn’t as far as I thought…5K…..easy huh?

Blowing snow, so jumping over and running through snow drifts…fun.

The, well, the snow plows were out..of course they’re pushing snow onto the sidewalks, and blocking roads….so, more obstacles……it’s cold (-15C with a wind chill) windy, did I say windy blowing the wrong stupid way?……….and yep, up hill most of the way.

Not the way you thought this day was going to begin?

But I ran, not fast, but ran…got some extra fitness in…….I should have run back, but, well, I was tight for time, and well, I had a ride……

Not the 10K I’d planned, but a very hard 5K……and well you just run…and like there was another choice?

Then, because you need the fitness, and have to make up for the missing 5K…….time to hop onto the bike trainer

And you watch YouTube videos to keep you inspired…….and they did.

A day that could have been a disaster, but, well you just shrug your shoulders, and make the best of it…tomorrow will be better, it’s getting better all the time……it couldn’t get much worse?

One thought on “90 days….and you lock your keys in your car?

  1. In my 20s I locked my keys in my car ALL THE TIME. Multiple times a year. Then I had a VW Cabrio that wouldn’t register the driver’s door opening, so I would unlock it, set my keys in, forget something, get out, close the door, and the car would automatically relock itself because it thought I never opened a door. So frustrating!

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