89 Days. Just Run

There’s a fantastic book out there called, Shut Up and Run by a pretty amazing runner, Robin Arzon.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. Just Run.

If you wanna run, you have to, run.

If you wanna run fast, you have to run, fast.

If you wanna run far, you have to, run far.

Three lines, that’s the lesson, right?

Today I just did that……I just went for a run……

Finished my shift at the RRoom store – a busy one – threw my gear on, and ran…..3K one way, 3K back, didn’t think about it, decided on which direction I was going when I stepped on the path, and even then, I had to make a choice, turn right, turn left, or just go straight….I saw that the trail ahead was cleared, so straight…and noting that I lost one of my traction aids (it happens) I decided to make it an easy, flat, out and back…….and yeah, loved it…….

I like runs where, well, where you are at any given point is a surprise…..you look and say, oh here I am…kind of a runner’s amnesia as opposed to a runner’s high……

Thinking about it now, I guess I could have gone further, I’m kind of wondering where the 5K turn around point is…I should know this, and making today a 7K at least would have been easy, but I guess the head said, let’s just enjoy the ride.

I remember doing the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon, in maybe 2017…..I woke up, felt awful…not sure if it was nerves of what? I looked outside, it was dark, raining? and then I barfed of all things…I’ve done that before….

I then decided, you know what, I’m in Vancouver, I’ve registered for this half marathon…let’s just go, walk to the Skytrain station, and decide, to I wanna race?

I then got on the train, and figured, you know what? I’ll get to the starting line, and if I don’t feel up to it, I can always turn around and return to my Air B&B.

I was running a little late..I knew that the Half Marathoners went first, and everyone around me as I walked to that starting line in Queen E Park were wearing Full Marathon Bibs…..so, thinking at that point, I wouldn’t even make it in time to start…..

Funny thing, I never even stopped at the washroom facilities, I got to my coral at the start line just in time and went….and well, before I knew it, I kind of woke up and was at way past the halfway point in Stanley Park on the Seawall.

I think this was 2016
, and I’m pretty sure they’re checking out my butt

It was, oh wow, I’m running……

It’s amazing what you can do, when you really don’t think about it…….my time wasn’t fantastic – 2:18:21…but respectable, for a day that began with me barfing (yep, I ran without any hydration and on a really empty tummy)…and hey, I got the t-shirt, the medal, the warm Gatorade and a banana at the end…and had a fantastic weekend in Vancouver….

2022 is still planned…have not booked a flight yet, but, well, soon…I’ve got a place to stay though, so that’s a start…..I needed to put in a 10K run last week….didn’t happen, and need to do one soon – probably next Monday……..but, I’ll run lots, I’ll get as much done as I can, and get ready for race day…..

I’ve my virtual Learn to Run group that I lead to help with motivation, as does the virtual Half Marathon clinic that I’m taking……looks like the Run Club thing is happening – free gym membership, and a jacket to go with the gig, and they’re gonna pay me!….so cool for this retired guy!……..so Vancouver, the BMO, Sunday May 1st……let’s get the party started, and I’ll try not to barf this time

perhaps, nothing’s gonna stop me now?

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