88 Days, to BMO Vancouver

So a weird day…..had to get everything in the house hooked up to a 5G network or something, which took pretty much all f-ing day…..so, no time for a run..

And I did what I do whenever stuff happens, I mopped around, thought the worst of everything – let’s just say really depressed – I finally got my butt outside to shovel snow – did I say it was -20C….but, well, I lived – I managed almost an hour on the bike, and then made dinner……but still felt like a wasted day.

I did have a huge day planned….on top of a huge week, but that was derailed…..and a few things shook me a bit…..some personal, some, well, my past may be about to kick me in the ass….maybe not, but has me worried….

I should feel great right, but I guess shit happens….

Getting on the bike helped, I got my contract to take on this Run Club, seems way more corporate than I’m used to, but let’s see……if I help drive clients to the Club, a bonus…it’s a pretty sweet space, I get a free membership (which is worth $100 a month!) so I guess it’s worth it, as long as I use it….!

Not really happy with my current place of employment….yeah, I’m retired, semi retired…for 8 years, as of TODAY!…….the head honcho just cut a shift for some stupid reason…..it shouldn’t bother me much, it should be fine, I like my time off, but I also like my store……it be nice if it liked me back!…..Just a lot of negative stuff…

So, not a good day, maybe a good morning run tomorrow morning may help the mood, boost the mood, make me feel better, positive….look ahead, look forward, maybe a new day, a new way will brighten the mood.

I’ve gotta pick my spots, do what I can, whenever I can…….cause this Half Marathon isn’t going to run itself, and this Run Club has to be petty positive…..


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