86 Days a Down Day….

I’ve had enough of a lot of things.

Today’s snow and wind is one, but that’s small potatoes, I’ve run in this stuff before.

It’s just crap. Day to day crap…I know, I know I should be positive, I can still run…..

Part of it is waiting, waiting some official forms to arrive so I can get to work on this new Run Club, um, I guess project…I’m excited, and looking forward to this, but, well, feel like I’m spinning my wheels (kind of like in snow) waiting for this to happen.

I know it’ll happen, and that’s a huge positive……just nervousness, and I have no patience…

The company I will be working with is amazing, the people are all fit, healthy, and positive, so yeah, a huge positive.

Unlike my current gig, the running store that I’ve been at for 8 years….it’s becoming a huge negative, and I’m thinking of moving along.

It can be a positive place, some pretty amazing people to work with, hopefully positive, and like yesterday, a couple of actual runners! – we get a lot of walkers and non-runners – but yeah, athletes that like talking; marathons, triathlons, ultramarathons, that always bumps up my mood.

But, well, let’s just say, there’s some drama that’s making me nervous……I’m not a fan of drama…

Depending on the day, or the time, am on the fence on whether a spring half marathon will happen, when I get asks, it depends on m mood…maybe later today I’ll feel better, more positive…..

Right now I feel like crawling into bed, shutting the lights, and well, shutting down life….maybe I’ll take up video games or knitting


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