84 days BMO Vancouver Half a day off

Today, and this week was a disaster, pretty much…1 run, just 1 run…….3 spins on the bike, but not enough…so, I’ll take it as a week of rest, a write off, life, maybe this week will better, better yet, this week will be better, maybe what last week was supposed to be………


MONDAYRUN 10K longer, effortlessAnd maybe swim
TUESDAYRun 5K tempoSpin 1 hour
WEDNESDAYRun 3K tempoAn easy day
THURSDAYRUN HILLS!Spin 1 hour, maybe swim
FRIDAYSwim 1200 meters 
SATURDAYRun 5K steadyMaybe spin 1 hour
SUNDAYRun 10K Longer, effortless 
MONDAYSwim 1300 metersMaybe run

my key this week is to add lots of yoga, foam rolling and BOOKING A FLIGHT!

I know where I need to be on May 1st…….

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