83 days to BMO Vancouver Half . A good day!

A good way to start the week…….I vacuolated a lot this morning. Yeah, I was supposed to swim, but man, oh, man…..the ice, solid ice, and I wasn’t feeling the greatest … not a great sleep…..so, just went and ran something, a route I hadn’t run for a while….and yes, there was ice

This wasn’t the worst…..I think if I’d waited longer, it might have all been softer and easier, but mushy snow and ice, ice and more ice…..and worst wasn’t the trails, but the streets, the sidewalks…not good.

Also I didn’t for some stupid reason to not use traction, just my Saucony Peregrines….. I thought they’d be fine, but not really, ice ice baby….

I’ve gotta get swimming, and I have to hit the gym……and be consistent with it all…but a nice, adventurous 10K, the pace wasn’t awesome, but slowing down over the ice, and walking in a few spots I just had to be careful, it was okay, and the best part, I felt good…if maybe a little warm?

It was warm, and I’m gonna say I was a little over dressed…..a different jacket may have helped, the problem is, when you overheat, you know if you start pealing layers, you’re just going to start putting them on as you chill…and honestly, for 10K I was fine……may try a vest instead of a jacket if this stays….but it’s February, it’s usually -40C here in February, so this is either nuts, or may change quickly……

But yeah, today, good…a good start…now to follow that all up tomorrow with a planned run and an easy spin on the bike maybe…..to recover…

so felt good, happy I forced myself out, a new-ish route that could have been uncomfortable, but as with every run, the best part is when you finish…..yeah, I even look grumpy


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