A day of depression…77 days to BMO Vancouver

yeah, it’s Sunday, I skipped another long run (or am skipping) and just feel like nothing….it’s sunny, it’s a beautiful day outside, it looks warm, but, my head is saying….let’s just watch TV, the news, yay the Olympics and maybe the Super Bowl……but, not feeling good, positive or happy.

I guess Monday’s going to become my long run day……..I keep trying to find things to boost my morning enthusiasm, this post concussion syndrome doesn’t help……..I’m reading, watching, listening, everything…I just signed up for a short race next Sunday, because?……..but the get up and go, even though I have no problem trying to encourage others, I just feel down and out…….

Is it age, is it life, winter? life…….having the goal of a half marathon in 77 days is kind of exciting…..Vancouver, my idea of heaven

where I’m staying is where I’ve wanted to forever…..I’m looking ahead to Victoria in October, but maybe if there’s anything in Vancouver I’ll think I’d rather be there again….just because

I’ll post later today, maybe this will get better once I get outside, but right now, nothin’

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