The week to come, week #7 of 18

Last wasn’t awful, some cross training, but for a retired guy I really seem to have a tuff time getting training done.

What ever happened to swim, bike, run every day……?

Life just keeps getting busier, but as long as I get my runs in, and stay close to 20+K and over a week, on May 1st, I will be ready…and flight is booked..

MONDAY        FEB 14Run 10K long slow distance Yoga
TUESDAY        FEB 15Run 4K Spin 1 hour Yoga
WEDNESDAY FEB 16Run Hill repeats Yoga
THURSDAY     FEB 17Weights Swim Run 5K Yoga
FRIDAY           FEB 18Run something Yoga
SATURDAY    FEB 19Run 3K Spin 1 hour
SUNDAY        FEB 20Run 10K Swim 1300 meters

so here it goes….I know part is the problem is that I keep adding too many things, and then feel defected when I don’t have enough time to get it done………but, well, tomorrow’s another Monday

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