76 Days. BMO Half Marathon a fun 10K fun run Day

An okay day, the day after another okay day……..wish I was a lot quicker!

Yes I know I’m 63 and one sixth……but still, it seems like yesterday, I was a lot quicker…trying to break a 5 minute K, rather than a 7 minute kilometer…..man we were fast, quick, and we constantly ran?

Today did feel good though….another day of exploring and picking directions, changing routes as I went along……I had my trusty YakTrax on and just stomped through most of the ice, some had me tip toeing a bit, so that affected my pace, but afterwards it all felt good, I had to add on at the end to get to that 10K, and had to pick up the pace to catch and beat another runner at where two trails met….I had it in me after almost 10K, so, felt good, that must be where I hit 5:23……I’m not sure if running more, or if every day will help….hill training/repeats begin this week, maybe strength training will help……

I wonder when or why that stopped……..I’m talking pre 2014 even…I was part of a group just ran, always….just ran, for fun…it was always more about adventure rather than distance or training, we biked, we swam, we ate, and seemed to drink a lot of coffee (maybe that was the secret?)…..

The last 7 weeks have been at least consistent, but I need to keep on running…….keep to the training plan, just remember to have fun…..and this I guess is an experiment…..can I run and keep smiling at 63 and 1/6

Something I want to do, like, and not something I have to…..

My nerves are a bit on edge, this new venture, leading a new Run Club has my focus as well..it all begins next week…..I have no idea whom will be in the group, what they’re expectations and goals will be…….but I will help them all meet them…hopefully that will inspire me to do the same!

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